Nov 3, 2021

Fresh Green Beans, Yellow Potatoes and Smoked Ham In Instant Pot


Today I'm making a quick filling meal in a pot.  Who loves the green bean potatoes together?  I think most of us do and when adding a little leftover baked smoked ham it is so delicious. I've had some pretty smoked baked ham slices in the freezer since the last ham I baked.  I needed to get that used and out of the freezer, it was taking up some much needed space. 

I'm ordering most foods online lately and the organic vegetables from Misfits are so very good.  My potatoes, onions, and fresh tiny delicious green beans came from them.

One note in this current environment where we have so many food items recalled they are a gift to have for sure.  I'm speaking of the onions I just received in my last shipment.  They are statewide grown in the US and safe from the latest Mexican grown onion recall scare!

Back on topic now today I'm sharing how to cook this mixture in my Instant Pot. A meal in a pot within an hour.  How good is that?


1 pound small fresh green beans

4 medium yellow potatoes

2 large scallions 

1 can chicken broth

Leftover smoked baked ham 

Salt & pepper to taste


Wash stem and cut beans depending on size up to 3 times each.

Wash and cut potatoes into thirds and then into quarters (you will want fairly large chunks like in a stew).

Chop all of the white of the scallions and into the crispy green parts discard the rest softer green sections or put them aside to use in other recipes.

I took the sliced leftover ham from the freezer and chopped it into large chunks. 


Place the chopped ham into the Instant Pot along with the chicken broth. Set the pot manually for 10 minutes turn the top gauge to build up pressure. Cook. Then cool for 10 minutes before carefully releasing the steam if any is left inside the pot.

Add half of the potatoes evenly on top of the ham and broth

Add half of the green beans on top of the potatoes

Lightly salt and pepper if you wish

Add the rest of the potatoes 

Add the rest of the green beans

Lightly salt and pepper if you wish

Cover pot close lid

Set Instant Pot on manual for 4 minutes only (you do not want to cook any longer because you don't want mush for beans and potatoes).

After the 4 minutes is up: Do an Immediate Steam Release using a folded  kitchen towel cover the pressure gauge on top of your pot and push to release the hot steam now. (be careful and don't burn yourself).

When it is safe to open the lid away from your face and your meal is ready to eat!

Serves 6 to 8 people

*Notes*-you may use deli or smoked ham slices chopped if you don't have any leftover baked ham.  To warm the broth you can cut the pressure cooking time from 10 minutes down to 5.

But: If you choose to use a ham hock you have to increase the pressure cooking time in the first step to 20 minutes and cool down naturally. 

Of course, you can use homemade chicken broth a cup to a cup and a half instead of the canned purchased broth*

Basically well within an hour, you can have a hearty meal in a bowl!


  1. Hi Dolly your old friend here finally has settled down and northern Alabama we purchased a 25 acre farm on Sand Mountain-
    This recipe I will keep for my leftover ham after the Christmas holiday - your friend Nancy!!! My Hooterville Homestead website will be up and running in about a week I had to shut down for a while wow we moved and took care of things

    1. You don't know how happy I am to hear from you! I'm excited for you and the new move! Alabama how great that must be! I can not wait to see and hear more about you and the farm! I've miss you girl!