Apr 27, 2015

The Old Shack & Hand Pump

Good morning!  Do you have favorite spots from homes in the past?  Spots that just steal your heart?  I do and this little shack that was hand built by a family member who has now gone on to Heaven is just one of those.  Join me as I share the old shack and hand pump...

The old porch roof has fallen in and the porch itself is now ground level.  This shack was called "The Love Shack:  It was used at one time to store tools and was indeed an old version of what we all now call "Man Cave".

"Pump in the Shadows"

I love this old hand pump.  To the right of this old shack is where I used to bury our old family pets and the birds loved that area.  Every time I walked over there birds would be perched and chirping. 
I will tell you a little secret.  I used to go there and talk to my daddy.  I felt his presence there and would go talk about what was happening here on earth and tell him how much I missed him.  It was a good spot and I always walked away feeling happy!

"The Old Homeplace"

Old things stored by others, kept by others for sentimental reasons and there just might be something that could be used again.  Things that really aren't important, but the thoughts behind them that make them special.  Little things, simple things, places and people.  Those are the things that are important.

 Another view

These may be my next note cards.  I have more posts coming from the "Old Homeplace".  Do you see it?  Do you see the beauty in everything?  There is beauty all around us, even in places we least expect it.

Another shot of Shack

"Hanging the Garden Hose"

Things change, buildings fall and disappear all together but the memories...ah those stay with us!

I'll leave you with this shot today.  Peaceful isn't it?  Simple beauty.  A friend once said this to my mama  about me and what I post, "She keeps talking about the old days."  Like that is all I talk about.  Yes, I am sentimental, and yes I do at times share old thoughts and memories.  I liken it to sitting on the front porch with my grandparents and listening to the stories they would tell us grandchildren.  Frankly all who would listen. 

The cows would be coming back to the barn mooing, the chickens would be roosting, the breeze would be blowing from the Crepe Myrtles.  The grandparents would have put in a hard days work on the farm and in the kitchen (with the wood stove).  Sitting there on the porch through the screened door we could smell the food that was ready to be eaten.
This porch time was rest and story time.   We at the time weren't particularly interested.  However, their lifestyle and stories have stuck with us and every now and then if you listen...we'll tell you about them......


  1. Great post Dolly. I would love to see inside. I'd turn that into a work studio and be so happy working in there. Is it on your property?

    1. Thanks Kim! No it is on another property from the past... I wish it were here though....

  2. This was a pleasure to read Dolly :) There's nothing wrong with remembering stories and times from our past. It gives us a connection, roots and a history. Love the old shack & hand pump. I think that's really sweet that you found solace there to talk to your Dad. Some places just give you a certain peace.

    1. Oh thank you so much! You are always so very sweet! Wendy it is so good to hear from you!

  3. What a lovely post and yes, I see the beauty in old things, worn things, things that are true and honest. Does the hand pump still work? I remember one in my Grandmother's kitchen...it was how we got water to the sink.

    1. Hey Thistle Cove Farm, Thank you so much! Yes it still works.. I like you remember the pump on my Grandmother's porch the water was so cold and good! Good to hear from you!