Apr 21, 2015

Casper and the Chickens

Casper, the dirty Great Pyrenees, King the White Rock Rooster, Pat The Hammer (named by my grandson) and Cora Lee

I think it's time to show these wonderful creatures.  It's been awhile since I've shown them.  The weather was pretty and a few ventured out the gate to eat.  Come on out as we sit and watch the backyard animals.....

I decided to sit on a crate and video these chickens.  Nope I am not a videographer of course as you can see.
I thought Casper would come over and sit with me but he did as I've been teaching him and went back into the pen.  I had to brag on him because this breed likes to roam and roam and roam.  I am so proud of him also because he can let himself out of the pen.  Yes, he can.  He pushes the latch with his nose and goes out.  He hasn't mastered closing the gate as of yet, but he is smart I expect one day he will do it!

Enjoy the peace and quite with a little crowing every now and then!

Casper and The Boys

Until Next Time


  1. Dolly- They are so cute. I don't have sound on this computer but I really LOVED the video. It is just peaceful and takes me "home" to when I was a kid. Gld to see a post from you! xo Diana
    ps. All of a sudden your sidebar is only half there. I used to be able to see the whole thing-now it is cut in half. Not sure if it is just my setting or what..but thought I would tell you- xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana, Thank you! Great to see you too! Thank you for letting me know about the sidebar I'll check it out!

  2. Your roosters are very pretty, are there two? I don't have dogs anymore but yours is very pretty, I always liked that kind of dog.

    1. Hey Kathy...I have 10 roosters! Yes my grandpa would be so disappointed in me...they would have been in a pot..I make the mistake of naming them and they always seem to outnumber the hens 4 -1 around here. I only showed a few of the chickens that day. Thank you too! The dog I adore he is so sweet.