Apr 30, 2015

We Lost King Today

"King" the White Rock Rooster

We were saddened today to find King dead in a pen with several roosters.  The culprit J.R. had to go.  I've secluded him in a makeshift jail for months.  I even gave him his own flock of hens.  Nothing ever seemed to work.  He was just crazy mean to other chickens be they hen or rooster.  He put my precious "Spot's" eye out and almost took the other out.  He killed the young rooster of King's and now he has killed "King".  He had to go.

"Spot"   The Barred Rock Rooster

"Spot" Looking at his shadow.  

He is quite the character; not as much so as he used to be when he could see better.

I don't have a picture right off hand of "Junior" King's Son.  I'll put one on here when I run across it for you to see.  He was a miniature version of "King".

" J. R." The Culprit!
This was taken a year or so ago but his feathers had grown and his plumage was gorgeous.

Once before we knew he was so mean we were to give him away but something happened and we didn't.  I guess now I'm glad because he could have caused some damage to his new owners' flock. 
It is a sad loss but a necessary one.  My grandpa would have rung this one's neck the first time he hurt another like he did Spot...I guess I'm an old softie.  

Sad day as I actually say good bye to two roosters.  King was such a beautiful white mild tempered rooster.  He stayed the cleanest in the coops and he was white.  A grand bird! The White Rock and the Barred Rock are gentle giants.

Tribute to "King"



  1. King was a beauty. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Oh- I am so sorry. I know how much you love your flock and it must have broke your heart to lose two of them today. Wish I were there to give you a big hug. I feel horrible for you-xo Diana

    1. I thank you Diana and feel your hug anyway! You're so thoughtful! xoxo Dolly

  3. Rock was certainly a beauty! This is a hard thing to deal with, but I'm glad you are not keeping the mean guy. You'd only be sorry again later. We've been having fish tank trouble (my son's), and he has lost three fancy goldfish in a short time. Even the smaller creatures make you a little sad when they die. My son has had the fish for many years, and all named. It was goodbye to Lemon Ice this morning :(

    1. Hey Wendy, Thank you so much. It was hard to get rid of the mean one but we had no choice. Yes, I will miss King. Oh my goodness I'm sorry for your son's loss of goldfish. Three of them, awful. Yes they do make you sad. My grandsons have a tank and love every frog, and fish in it. I'm sorry for you and your son...Lemon Ice what a good name.