Mar 16, 2021

Simple Kitchen Curtain Fabric and Cotton Talk

My fabric of choice will always be good quality cotton.  So much can be made with it and it lasts for many years.  I have cotton items made by my great-grandmother and grandmother.  Even now I have my first item, an apron, made in Home Economics class at a very young age. I'm not ashamed to say that apron is now over 50 years old. 

Today sharing here and in the Sewing/Craft Room of Hibiscus House the fabric that was chosen for the simplest of curtains.

Most of you already know how much I've always loved cotton itself.  It is still grown frequently here on this farmland and we do enjoy watching it grow.

A Little Family Tradition Talk:

My family talked about growing and picking cotton.  Evidently, it was a time-consuming chore because to hear them tell it they worked all day for just a little in weight.  They would put it in burlap sheets or sacks I believe and carry it with them as they moved along and picked. Each person's portion would be weighed and then totaled at the end of the day for their pay. I think they enjoyed seeing who could pick the most in a day.

I grew up with wonderful family friends that were still doing the farm chores.  I had the privilege of seeing them do their farm chores. It was a wonderful learning experience for me.  Very fond memories were made while spending time on their farm with them.

  A close beautiful family and you can read more here about some of the fun times.

I saw it first hand on granddaddy's farm the cotton-growing as well.  Pretty much by the time we came along most cotton must have been picked on his farm by machine.  

Truthfully I don't remember.  I do believe another crop took the place of cotton on his farm and it was Tobacco.  I won't get into working with that sticky mess.  Although some great memories were made while working as a child and listening to the happy talk under the barn while working.  

I love cotton in all stages of growth.  Shown below beautiful green leaves with gorgeous blooms.  

Did you know a fun fact that cotton is a relative of the Hibiscus? Hollyhock, Hibiscus, Cotton and even Okra which we Southerners love are in the same Hibiscus family!

Cotton in Bloom and you can see more here.

A close view of a cotton bloom and you can see more here

View in front of the house a few seasons ago
You can see more in the post-Walking Barefoot Down the Dirt Road

The cotton in the picture above is not fully opened but is still pretty.  When fully opened a cotton field looks almost like a fluffy snow scene.

My family grew and picked cotton although I personally have only picked a few of these that grow here while walking the driveway.

Cotton Wreath

Basket of cotton picked in the field one day

I guess you can see why cotton would be a fabric of choice for me

It is beautiful, durable, easy to care for.

Today in the Sewing room I share the fabric chosen.  It was so good to get back in front of the sewing machine!  You can see the fabric here.



  1. Dolly, I do love reading your blog. As I have written before we share a lot of past experiences. While in Gatlingburg I was in a store that sold candles. They had a tobacco scent one and I of course picked it up. I recently lit it and it transported me back to my Grandaddy’s farm. Cotton fields do the same for me. I am a fabric hoarder. Vintage tablecloths, linens or just whatever speaks to me. I take them out occasionally and just think about what tables they graced etc.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Norma Perritt

    1. Hi Norma, You have sweet memories. I guess we are two sentimental ladies. Thank you for sharing and I sure hope your day is a great one!

  2. I love cotton clothes but I love cotton to decorate with.

    1. Oh I do too Pam. It is hard to live around cotton growing and not pull some in for decoration. I like you love it too.