Mar 23, 2021

Catie's Product Review: Photowall


Today was a fun day.  I was approached by a representative from Photowall for the purpose of a Product Review. 

It didn't take but a glance at the website which is full of wonderful ideas to decide it would be a great idea. 

They can actually use one of your images to make wallpaper, canvas, wall print, or poster.  How cool is that?  Hey Creative Friends this could be a great adventure!  Imagine one of your very own photographs that means a lot to you can be added to any of these!

I could think of no one better to do this review than Catie. Well, I'll step aside now and let her explain it in her own words, as only she can do so well. She even chose the title she would like.  You may already know her then you know if not you are in for a treat!  

Catie Is Psycho

The movie Psycho is probably the reason why everyone feels eerie in the shower. Blanche Devereaux once said that the shower scene is the reason why she preferred not to shower alone. 


Like Norman Bates, my mother is also my best friend.  She was asked by a representative of Photowall to review a product and she let me pick it out.  

There is seriously something for everyone on the site.  After looking for weeks to find a mural or wallpaper I decided on Janet Leigh's face to go in my bathroom.  (The second runner up was a Wizard so majestic you know it would have been on the side of a van in the '80s) 

Janet Leigh in Psycho
Article number: e314795

The larger photo on the right is the Wallpaper Kit 
Article number Kit001

We placed the order a week ago and today it came! You can imagine my excitement when the delivery man came up the driveway - much like Norman Bates when he would get a new guest at his motel.  About an hour and a half, after the delivery man left, my new mural was proudly displayed in my bathroom for all to see, whether they liked it or not.  

The shipping was fast and there was no damage to the boxes. Inside the first box was the wallpaper very securely wrapped and premium wallpaper paste.  

You will have more than enough wallpaper paste 
I had this much leftover when finished!

The second box included a glue brush, seam roller, wallpaper brush, and scraper to remove bubbles, a pencil, and a handy dandy level/tape measure.  The only things I had to provide were a yardstick, rag, water, stir stick, and bucket for the glue. 

I had already removed my towel rack and hook to move to another wall so to get ready I had to wipe down the wall to make sure there wasn't any dust or debris so the wallpaper would adhere to the wall. Then I decided to draw my guidelines on my wall. That took longer actually hanging the wallpaper.  It would have taken less time if I had my supplies already procured. 

To mix the glue you need a gallon of lukewarm water to stir slowly into the glue. Or in the words of Moira Rose of Schitt's Creek, "Fold it in".   After 5 minutes the glue was ready to use.  I painted it on the wall and got to hanging.  It was really easy and took about 30 minutes to hang up the 4 pieces.  

I noticed that my seams would need a little extra help so I took a small amount of glue on my finger and put some extra glue there and just smoothed it out with my finger. 


There was no issue with air bubbles whatsoever and this was the easiest paper I've ever hung. 

I would definitely order from them again and who knows, maybe my bedroom wall will have a majestic wizard on it one day.  A gal can dream.  Review by Catie

Enjoy the Video Below That Covers More of 
Catie Hanging The Wallpaper!

  • Disclosure:  I was given this wallpaper and the tools in compensation for the review.  I and others noted utilize products, programs, services at no charge other than the product itself.  You can read more about our reviews here


Photowall Product Review Results = Recommend!  

Excellent Customer Service Great Communication!  Quick Shipment!  Premium Quality!  Easy to Hang!  Great Paste & Tools!  Wonderful Selection


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Janet Leigh can be found here

They have many choices in wallpaper, posters, canvas prints
Check out the website for more patterns and information!

This was such a fun post to do!


  1. HAHA...oh my gosh. To funny. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. I know I'm still laughing! That Catie is our clown.