Mar 29, 2017

Southern Traditions: Fat Back, Homemade Biscuits & Dixie Lee Peas

Today I'm sharing a menu that some will know and like and some will know and not like.  Either way today we're talking about Southern Traditions and eating not as high on the hog!
Southern Country Traditions

"High on the Hog". Have you ever heard of that saying?  You can find an explanation here but to shorten it meant the wealthy ate the better cuts of pork so therefore the saying.

When you've been raised in the south and out in the country then you may remember.  That is if you're old enough your parents or grandparents raising their own animals for food.  Pigs/Hogs were one of them for the pork the family wanted.

I've never been present I was too young and didn't witness the preparation of such an animal.  I knew that my grandparents talked about it.  I also knew they had a little building called a "Smokehouse". We kids would, if given half a chance, sneak into that little hot building and see things hanging. It was sort of like a scary horror movie to me seeing those things hanging above those hot trays.  

They would make all sorts of things lard for baking and frying the foods, and they would make lye soap at this time as well.  That is the soap they used at that time for many things.  I remember hearing them talk of the excellent sausage, hams and such! Then I heard about things like cracklings and making cornbread with them. It was the "chitlins" that I just didn't want to hear about. Chitterlings was actually what they were called and I am gagging even typing this. They were made from the intestines of the hog. :(

You see they were blessed enough to eat "High on the Hog" and not so "High on the Hog", because they raised their own.  At a time when some in big cities were sadly standing in line for food during the depression our ancestors were indeed blessed.  I remember them saying they didn't know there was a depression except they had to have vouchers to get sugar it was scarce.  Even though they would grow sugar cane as well.

They grew their wheat, corn and all vegetables to eat, preserve and feed their families. I don't want to forget the cows as well for milk, buttermilk, grandma's homemade butter!  I remember people coming from miles around to buy her sweet creamery butter.  Oh my and her homemade biscuits were out of this world.

credit & Great Information about what it is
#1 Fatback
#2 Streak of Lean

Fat Back

I love fat back, I really do!  We don't have it much at all anymore because of health reasons.  I say that and then seeing how they raise what we do eat think maybe,  just maybe, a little here and there can't be as bad as once thought. 

Chuck went to a local business called Thad Weinberg's in Darlington, S.C. recently and brought some fat back and some of their famous sausages home. Oh, yes I knew what I had to cook! They were excellent!

Dixie Lee Peas

I had to have a pot of home cooked peas.  These were in the freezer and were cooked in the crock pot/slow cooker overnight on low. Do you grow or find locally grown vegetables to preserve for later use? We purchased at our local farmer's market from Lawhon's Produce and they are so delicious! 

Cooking Peas in the Slow Cooker Directions 

I like that if pushed for time you can cook them in this manner. It is especially good if they are frozen because you can just place them into the cooker without thawing. They will thaw during the cooking. I cooked 1 quart on this day.
Place into the slow cooker with just enough water to cover the peas, add 1/2 tsp. salt and 2 pieces of washed fat back. Close the lid set the pot on low, be sure it is plugged in and go to bed! Remove the fat back, taste season more if needed.  Turn to warm if tender and serve when you wish for the day.

My mama told me that when I was little and we were visiting grandma Cora that I was in the high chair and was screaming that I wanted "peas and rife" over and over again..grandmama was trying to give me some of the other things as well but I would have nothing but peas and rice.  I still love it!

You want one don't you?  I know you do!  Frankly I wish I had one right now myself, since these were eaten the other day!

You can make these link above or the old fashioned Lard Biscuits for a every now and then treat!

How about another shot of these!
Grab one!

Simple not as high on the hog
I really like it!

My daddy's favorite meal was fat back, salmon stew over rice, fried cornbread and green beans!
We would fix him this on his birthday for sure!

Making green and orange salads for the week now. We so love salads around here.  I hate to make salad because it takes me so long all of the chopping. Luckily I've found a lettuce knife that I absolutely love! I can cook a 6 course meal in the time it takes me to make a salad and that is one reason for making the week's worth. Well that and it is so easy to reach into the fridge and pull out a little salad for anytime of the day home or for work! If something is easily accessible it will be used more often!

I so love the Ranch Dressing that I make here at home!  The grandchildren and I can eat it with most anything that is for sure!  Also, do you not love the fresh lettuces and vegetables coming out this time of year?  Oh, I so do.  I miss my back porch lettuce because I haven't planted any this year. 

Weather is beautiful, flowers are starting to bloom, birds are chirping and beginning to nest.  What a wonderful time of year (my favorite)!  I am purging and organizing some of the crafts in the room. I've found books and notes that had never been read in busy times like one from David Morrell "The Father of Rambo".  Can't believe I didn't open the book and see all of the little goodies he sent to me! Organizing can be fun!  I also found a missing book written by Beverly Lewis, that was good! I found another book by a dear blogger friend, Diana of Nana Diana Takes a Break.  The book is called The Mystery of Lucy I started reading it last year and want to finish it. 

I'll be posting soon on some of the organizing that particular room.
I'm excited Chuck is going now to get us some fresh strawberries!
YES the "Strawberry Lady" is going to eat her fill this year.
Working them for so many years one just doesn't get enough to eat.
I am going to make sure to eat enough this year!!!


  1. I grew up on a farm where we grew all our own food, too. We could not raise sugar cane, of course, because we were so far north but we did have bee hives on our farm that we shared with our uncle. I can remember butchering! Us kids were not allowed to see the actual kill but once they animal was strung up we were welcome to come and watch--which we always did. It was just the way of farm life and we thought nothing about it. We never made pets of the animals that we knew were going to be used as a food source.

    My dad loved fatback, too. I never did develop much of a taste for it-but I did love the cracklings...and mother used lard for all her baking-she made the best pie crusts in the world...and there is nothing like REAL bacon.

    I hope you have a blessed day. Now I am yearning for one of those biscuits....oh...and I HATE making salads, too. LOVE to eat them--hate to make them. lol xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      You really were around for these things and it was normal then wasn't it? I know my grandpa would be ashamed of me and how I name and spoil my it is too hard to butcher something you have given a name too! I wish I could throw you a biscuit for sure!
      Thank you for sharing your memories with us! I enjoyed them!

  2. Well those biscuits look fantastic!

    What the heck IS fat back??

    Did they ever make "scrapple" with the pork scraps? It's very popular on the east coast in places like PA and NJ.

    1. Hey Kim!
      Thank you! I had to look it up to tell you so I didn't know can read about it here fatback. Scrapple I had to look that one up too. No I had never heard of it, I see the Amish make a lot of it here. I just stuck that one in so I could read more about it later.
      Good to hear from you!

  3. Oh those biscuits in that oven ,, how I wish I had some of them.. Ha ha Hardy Goodness I declare...
    Oh that fatback on that plate... Sop Sop Sop... don't be too late..
    Ha Ha Hardy Goodness I declare..

    Ok I will stop singing for some supper now!

    1. I love it Ginger Dawn and I so wish you could get you some supper here for sure! Love ya thank you for singing for your supper!