It's a Dog! No It's a Flower Honey

This picture hung in our family home until mama told me in recent years to take it home with me. It always caught my attention from a young child on. It is a simple vase of flowers yet so much more. Join me today won't you as I talk about "The Dog Picture"!

As a small child I actually can remember looking up, even climbing up on furniture to see the dog in this picture.  Yes, you heard me there is a dog in this picture and I won't hear otherwise! Smiling as I say that!

Mama would sweetly say to me, "Honey those are flowers"?  "I don't see a dog".  Those were fighting words to this girl and I remember it to this day! She said I always argued with her about this.  It seems I was a sassy, feisty little girl! If you ask Chuck today he will say that I still am, but that's another story! :)

You may see a vase of flowers but I still see a dog.  Look at him, face nose eyes ears, do you see it?  I've been told all my life, "Dolly that is not a dog and I don't see a dog".  Well my girls see it now but otherwise all thought I was a crazy little girl.

There are a few scratches, some spots of paint and lots of fading because of the age.  It hung in some pretty bright sunlight for many years but still is so special to me.

I like the hanging tassel that is faded and frayed with time.  Can you imagine how pretty this must have been when new?  

Hanger shown in more detail here

The back of the picture.  The paper backing has all but disintegrated over time, only a few sections remain.  I don't know the reasoning behind the letter or symbol that appears in the middle of this. I also wonder is that paint or glue on the back of the picture?  I would love for it to be paint of course because that would mean this little number would be worth quite a lot!  Although, would I ever sell?  Of course not, I couldn't sell my dog picture!  My mama gave me this!

Closer view of the letter or symbol on the back
I saw another online with a different letter or symbol.

This photograph is very blurry but is of the signature or stamp from the artist or company.  I can feel the letters so if not a signature (how I wish) it was stamped or something.  The frame hides the last letter h.

One sold for half a million dollars a few years ago.  Antiques Roadshow here I come.  I'm just kidding I wouldn't sell it even if it were real. This is most likely a reproduction but one can dream!

The Artist:  Max Theodor Alexander Julius Streckenbach was born in Eckernforde, Germany in 1863.  He was known as their most famous artist. Son of a pharmacist he became known as "The Flower Painter".  He was a self-taught still life painter who enjoyed painting poppies, roses, tulips and poinsettias.  The poppy poppy, painted in many varieties, is regarded as his favorite motif.  From 1902 he also exhibited his works publicly and became quickly known on a regional basis.  In order to spread his works better, Streckenbach reproduced them as oil and four-color prints.  Several of his paintings were reprinted on the title page of Better Homes and Gardens. credit

One more shot of the picture and now I'm contemplating where to hang it. 

 I've always been hesitant to put holes in the walls and as Chuck points out we don't have many pictures hanging.  He would love more, in his former home he had so many things hanging and nails in the walls I'd never seen so many.  I think he has adjusted to fewer portraits, paintings on the walls now. 

 It is especially hard to decide where to put the next holes in the newly painted walls!  

My grandmother Goldie had pekingese dogs and I think that must be where I got it into my head that this was a dog.  Seeing her dogs I do believe made me think this.
Well, now I wonder just where did this picture come from?  Anyone that could answer my question is no longer with us. My mind is wandering and with daddy being in WWII just where this came from?  If it is meant to be I will find out.  Things happen like this with us you know.

Guess I'd better find a perfect spot for this sentimental beauty
Is it real or a copy?
Is it a dog or a flower?
In reality whether a copy or real (one can dream right?) 
It is a beautiful work of art from Mstreckenbach


  1. LOL- I saw the dog right away, Dolly. Not sure what kind of I do see it. Isn't it funny how we see something and then can never 'unsee' it so it always jumps right out at us? What a treasure to have. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      Oh I knew you'd see it! It is strange and I can never look at this picture without seeing it, you are so right! lol. Good to hear from you xo Dolly

  2. It's a beautiful painting and I'd never part with it either. And I do see the dog. :-)

    I'd love to know how your mama came to own it too.

    1. Thank you Kim! :) I knew you'd see the dog too...If I ever find out where it came from I'll update!

  3. I have this exact same picture in my home. I found it at an Antique store unframed and had it framed. I am a Veteran and I Love the Poppies!! Flanders Fields!

    1. Hi and first of all thank you so much for your service! Flanders Fields from WWI? I love Poppies myself. I want to thank you for sharing your story with me.
      Now don't let my dog story make you see one every time you look at your beautiful antique!
      Good to hear from you!


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