Jul 23, 2013

20 Beautiful Roses

Hometalk Are you familiar with the website? 

I found it not long ago, and since then have found it to be a valuable source of information for the home and garden.  Anything imaginable for the home and garden you can find there.  Professionals in both areas are there to assist you.

I was approached recently by Alexandria Arena from Hometalk.  She enjoyed the post I did on Hibiscus House Roses and was very complimentary.  Thank you Alex. I've been asked to curate a 'Beautiful Roses' clipboard for Hometalk and their Pinterest Page.

I thoroughly enjoyed going through the rose posts.  It was difficult to choose only 20 posts to share, there were so many beautiful roses.  I did however narrow it down, and here they are on a beautifully designed Hometalk Board. 

You can visit Hometalk HERE to see the full post behind these beautiful roses and more. While you are there you might as well sign up and follow, post, learn, ask questions, give answers on the subjects you are familiar with.  The added bonus is that you do not have to be a blogger!  Anyone can sign on and enjoy.

Sharing the Hibiscus House Roses Post

Click HERE to see

I spoke earlier about Hometalk and wanted to share with you that they have helped me solve many gardening problems and plant identifications.

Hey I even found out that a wild critter we had in the garden was in fact a woodchuck/groundhog.  Who knew?  We didn't. but many others did from a picture I shared.

Guess what we had in the yard the other day?  An otter! Yes an otter. it was being chased by a mockingbird from front yard to back.  I am just sorry I didn't have a camera ready to show you the activity. 

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Enjoy your roses and Hometalk tour.
Come back anytime!

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  1. Love roses, I had a beautiful rose bush in Colorado, I love roses

    1. Hey Nancy,
      I'll bet you did have a gorgeous rose. You are an excellent gardener and I would have loved to see it. I do too love them!