Jul 26, 2013

David Austin and Other Roses

Another tiny new own root rose bush
David Austin Geoff Hamilton
I love these roses and am showing more today.

 Ok, I got carried away with this beauty had to share three of them.  Geoff Hamilton a soft beautiful bloom.

New tiny own root rose I put into a beautiful pot temporarily.  David Austin Eglantyne,a very pale dainty pink bloom.

Another new young own root rose bush  David Austin Strawberry Hill.  A beautiful medium pink bloom

Pink Knock Out Rose
I have had for a few years...the color is beautiful even though my picture doesn't show that

White Knock Out Rose
It is very pretty.  I in the past haven't liked the old garden rose look with single blooms but I have changed my mind and now love all roses!  Do you?
I have forgotten the name of this rose.  I got it from Jackson and Perkins many, many years ago.  It has been moved to two homes and thrives as if it were here forever.

The name of this beauty is Teasing Georgia
It has been so faithful for a few years.

Please excuse the spots but it is a miracle the entire bush is not filled with black spot.  Here in South Carolina we are plagued with it and with the enormous amount of rain we have had lately...

Last of three pics.  The Teasing Georgia is one performing rose and if you get the chance, you must get one for your garden.  This is somewhat how it looks full but on a good day they are gorgeous.
The Japanese Beetles love this rose bush and are on it as we speak devouring the beautiful roses.

I wanted to show you this rose bloom even though it is about to drop
look at the beauty.  I have forgotten its' name and the tag is no longer there.

(pics not as great because of bright sun)
 Roses on the Picket Fence
I have had to cut nearly all of the lower bushes because they bloomed their heads off as you know if you follow.  But, check them out now a new flush of bloom in such a short time.  I will share the other newer roses and flowers in coming posts

Hope you enjoyed the new rose update.
Coming soon Hibiscus House Spotlight Story
Paul Zimmerman
Rose Consultant to The Biltmore Estates and a man of many talents...stay tuned


  1. Gorgeous photography and flowers. I would love to be surrounded by these. Kim

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I am getting excited, mine are getting ready to bloom for a second time...that white one you shared is stunning!

  3. Beautiful Flowers & Photos !!! :)*Cynthia

  4. Thanks for sharing your roses...I can't grow them because of fungal issues here as well, but I LOVE seeing photos of them or enjoying them in other people's gardens - beautiful!

  5. Spectacular! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick