Jul 27, 2013

Update on Jassie The Lavender Tufted Rumpless Araucana Chick

 "Jassie" Tufted/Rumpless Lavender Araucana

It all started with these

Beautiful Blue Eggs
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Which led to this cute little chick: Click  HERE

Little P named this chick when it hatched.

He said, "Mimi, I think his name is Jesse."  I said, "great!"   Thinking, oh gosh does he know something that I don't?
I asked this sweet boy to spell the name for me..He was 5 and said this to me: "Mimi, you know how to spell his name, 
"J A S S I E.."  How crazy of me not to know..love that boy.  I said, " What if it is a girl?" He then informed me the name would work for both, but, "Don't worry Mimi, it is a boy."

Well, P was right and it is official!  "Jassie" is a Rooster! I am the world's luckiest backyard chicken owner in hatching roosters!
Yes, that is right if you were to give me 20 eggs and 18 of them would undoubtedly be roosters..I am laughing, because meanwhile before the hatch I probably would have already given away 2 at hatching and guess which 2 would be given away?  :)
Just kidding but that has been my luck to have chicks give away some and wait to get beautiful eggs and the others would grow up to be roosters. 
Jassie was the only egg that hatched out of 7 eggs, but I think I'll keep him.
Now, I must find a hen for him to keep this line pure...if not he will be the most spoiled rooster to be sure.
"Jassie and 10 week old French Wheaten Marans chick"  They are best buds at the moment.  I have to part them soon because she will be going to Gaston's pen

I just wanted to update you as to the news!  I found out for sure from the breeder Hinkjc Mountain Poultry this morning.  Oh I think I knew it when (she) jumped up on top of this little hen house this past week and did some kind of weird crow...yep she is a he...

Have a great weekend!

Jassie and Spot died in 2015

Little Dickens did as well.
Several more too.
She ran off got into something which she brought back and it took them all out.


  1. Oh my goodness 18 out of 20!!
    Sorry you didn't get more hens.
    But at least he is a handsome rooster!

    1. Thank you Sandra, I'm sorry I was just kidding about the 20 & 18 that would and has been my luck in the past but not with Jassie. I went back and reworded the post. Thanks for stopping by. I get the feeling he is going to be something else. Just look at how he is standing..Have a great rest of the weekend!

    2. Dolly,
      love reading your chicken adventures. I miss having chickens! Maybe someday we will get that chicken tractor and will have them again :)

    3. Sandra I sure hope you will get that chicken tractor and enjoy some chickens again!

  2. He is a handsome rooster - just look at those tufts! How wonderful that your grandson named him. Jassie sounds so energetic, it's a great name. Hope he is everything Phillip pictures him to be.

    1. Thank you Teresa! I hope so too. It is so good to hear from you and hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Isn't he a beaut! Does he have a cocky attitude? I miss our chicks all he time. We long for the day when we can hatch our own like you!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Yes he does at times and then at other times he is a big baby..Sweet breed. I hope you will be able to hatch your own chicks soon.

  4. Jassie rhymes with sassy, and that's how your rooster looks! And your grandson looks as cute as can be!

    1. Hi Jane!
      I'm laughing because you are right! Thank you Phillip is as sweet as he is cute. We sure love our grands don't we?

  5. Replies
    1. Hey Kathy!
      I do believe that, guess the Lord knows I'll take care of them. If only I wouldn't name them..laughing. I am allergic to chickens, dogs just about everything so it makes it hard to even have them. We do work around things don't we?

  6. Beautiful Rooster. I have one that I am waiting to see about. I think its a Rooster. My husband says it a hen. We have a bet going . I am hoping not to lose, since he hasn't told me his terms yet.

    1. Hey Michelle!
      Well, now you have to let us know who wins!

  7. Dolly, you are the rooster wisperer! Wish you were closer when we had to kick Rudy and Rodeo out of the Hen House a couple of years ago! I know you would have looked after them!

    1. Oh my Deb, you know I would have...I have way too many roosters and feel like the woman that lived in the shoe...exception being children are roosters lol! Hope you have a great week ahead.

  8. At least he's a good looking rooster! Glad you are keeping him.

    1. He is isn't he for the breed he is, being kinda rare anyway. Good to hear from you Vickie!

  9. He is gorgeous, Dolly! Definitely needs a few Araucana girlfriends though. :)
    Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick