Apr 4, 2016

"Washday" by Dona and Jerry Locklair


No doubt you've heard of Dona and Jerry Locklair, but just in case I thought this would make a good post.  It is Monday and washday for me.  

I am grateful that today we don't have to wash our clothes in this manner.  Can you imagine the hard work that went into it? I can and in fact, this is like a history lesson for all of us.  

In my mind, I can still see my relatives doing some of these same chores.  My great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents did some of the same.  I can still see the old black 'washpot' on the fire. It was used for heating water and making lye soap.  

I guess by the time the old wringer-type washing machines came about they must have thought how easy!  That brings up wonderful memories too.  The only bad thought was people getting their arms caught in the wringer.

How blessed are we to have an electric washer and dryer!  We complain but look at how easy we have it now.  We no longer have to carry (tote) buckets of water from a well that we manually pumped water from.  Heating and washing in all types of weather.  I get cold chills just thinking about that one.  

It also gives me cold chills just thinking about hanging that laundry on the clothesline.  I have a line and wouldn't have a home without one but it would take on a whole new meaning having to hang all laundry on that line!  Ugh, not a happy thought.  

It brings back memories of watching my mama wash so much, especially diapers from lots of babies, and then hanging them up in the coldest weather.  She told me we lived in a small town Olanta or was it, Scranton?  I don't remember which, all I know is I was a toddler who went and broke a switch. She said I was a "pistol".  I then whipped her and said, "I told you and told you not to wet your pants"! The diapers were wet and clean she was hanging on the line.  Guess I was a bossy little brat...thinking mama had wet hers!  I asked her did she spank me for that she said, "No, all I could do was laugh"!

  That's me the little brat!

The Locklairs are a very talented couple.  Many have Their artwork in their homes locally as well as in homes across the world. I love their art. Each piece tells a story of how we and generations before us have lived and worked.  "Simple, God-fearing lives".

You can find this and more at The Art of Dona & Jerry Locklair
I will tell you how I acquired the "Washday" print today at dolly's designs.