Mar 29, 2016

Do You Like Hardwood Flooring?

Today I'm sharing miscellaneous pictures.  This is a shot of the foyer.  I really like real hardwood flooring.  I love the feel, texture and color of wood.  It is very comfortable under foot no matter what the weather.

This plant will be replaced soon when I decide what to replace it with.  This one has died since this picture was taken but I wanted to post it because it was very pretty before it died.  I really like the mirror in the foyer, it is very beautiful and came from Ballard Designs.

Fall Foyer Post Simple

I thought you might want to see a little larger view of the mirror.  This one from a Fall post. I will show full view one day when I get the foyer decorated the way I would like it to be. It is very small but should say something about the home when all enter.  This will take some thought but I'll be back later with this one.

This lamp which is very narrow fits the foyer table very nicely.

The wood flooring looks and holds up really well but it does take some care. Water and dirt are enemies to real wood.  I love the look but realize that they also need some covering especially in high traffic areas.  This foyer is definitely a high traffic area. 

Proper Care of Hardwood Flooring
Use a dust mop to gently remove the dirt from the flooring and use a soft damp mop to clean. I only use water to clean them and have for ten years.  Never clean with harsh chemicals nor a lot of water that would shorten the life of your flooring.

The rug above is many years old but has been a great one.  The color is a sage green and still is like grass beneath the feet as far as comfort and durability.  It cleans well and wears well.  It is not a showy piece but serves the purpose with beauty and quiet grace.

The color of our flooring is called "Gunstock".  When we were looking this one stood out first in color and then the name sealed it.  Chuck is a retired policeman and still working as a security officer so needless to say we have plenty of 'gun stock' in this household.

This picture is called " The Pink of Condition" and I've had it for many years as well.  I love the hunt pictures.  I apologize for the poor photo taken by me with glare and streaks.

I thought I'd share a few shots into the downstairs full guest bath.  It isn't huge but flows well.  I pretty much didn't think a full bath was needed downstairs but have come to love it for convenience. I really like the white waffle weave on the shower curtain and the spa towels.  I know my girls say my favorite color is white and that may be true.

This botanical print was given to me by a good friend 

A shot of the vanity (no that isn't a stain below faucet it is a shadow).  I like the mirror so much so that I put it in two baths in the house.

Aren't these birds adorable?  I think so and the homemade soap was given to me by a blogger friend.

This is just a short little post of old photos.  I am adding new little touches to the foyer and bath.  I'll update later.

Have a great week!


  1. I love the bird soap dish! We have all hardwood and it really needs to be refinished in the kitchen and breakfast bar area (my husband and his work boots!). I don't know when we will get to it because he said we have to do all the floors at the same time so you don't see a differene- which is the entire first floor. The only thing I would do differently is put tile by the back door from the garage and around the breakfast bar other than that I love the hard wood.

    1. Kathy, I love your home! Your husband is so talented he probably can do the flooring. I agree with him all at the same time. I know what you mean about at the doors. In my older home at the back door, where Hurricane Hugo came through, it warped the wood some. In time that area has been scratched and is worn. We built that home in 1978 so guess it might be time to do a little flooring re-do. Otherwise I'm like you and love the hard wood.

  2. This is a great post! We are getting new tile floors the kitchen the first week of April.. Then wood on the first floor. We are stil debating the steps. To wood or not to wood. We are concerned about falls. Thank you for posting this!

    1. How exciting Ginger! I know you are having fun! I think you know what I love. I've had hardwood flooring in two homes now and the other home is 38 years old and still going strong. We've never had anyone to fall on the flooring in either home. I did have a lowered living room in the other home and people wouldn't look where they were going with the step down but that wasn't the flooring ...the step fooled them.
      In the old days when flooring wasn't sealed as it is today we would paste wax. My mama had us on our hands and knees waxing her floors when we were little. Now that would make you slide and fall if not careful. We would ski in our socks in that large room! lol.
      Prevent large amounts of water, sweep/dust mop regularly to keep dirt off and prevent scratches. Only a soft damp mop is needed to clean. I like the fact that they are easy to clean. Lots easier than carpet. I wish I had them in the bedrooms now. I know you will make the right decision as to what will work in your family and keep us up so we can see what you do. Thanks Ginger for visiting.