Apr 8, 2016

Living Large in Small Spaces: Window Talk

Look at the view from my Dining Room Window!  Isn't it beautiful? A work of art made for us beautifully! I love the "Sour Weed" well that is what we always called it, it's true name is Rumex Acetosella, a form of sorrell. Join me today as we talk about the importance of windows in a home.

Hibiscus House is a small Colonial Style Farmhouse and I'm still working on living large in a smaller home.

Having lived in a somewhat larger version of our current home I recalled not having enough lighting ever especially in some of the rooms.  We had tall windows in the home too but for some reason it was dark. Family would visit just to take a nap in the great room it was so dark and comfy. I promised myself that if I ever built again there would be 'Light'!

There is more light here and that makes me happy!  Although this home is 1000 square feet smaller than my older home I am happy!  Truthfully though it does present challenges, I won't say otherwise. The main question is how do you put twenty-something years worth of furniture and objects in a much smaller home.  Today's post and a few to follow will tackle how I'm personally handling the situation.

I made sure to put as many windows as feasible in every room.  The ceilings are all 9 ft. so the windows are long and Tall!

I know some people that are so afraid their electric bill will be so enormous that they downsized their windows.  Some to the point of I wonder why and actually where they got those extremely small windows to put into their home. They aren't pretty.

It does take some predicting to place them just so, allowing for furniture you may or may not have yet to fill the rooms.  It is a live and learn kinda thing for sure.  I'll say this while I'm talking you will never have everything just the way you like it! Key word 'Never', but you can get it close and then work with what you have!

Windows Showcase so Utilize yours!  If you have beautiful windows and a good view all the better. Make sure your window treatments will open up pretty fully to expose the needed light. The soft sun/light coming into the room will brighten and make the room appear larger.  The open windows draw the eyes outward and give the feeling of more width and depth depending on their location.  I placed as many windows in a room as feasible for these reasons. These look out from the Living Room.

The picture on the left was taken standing in front of the window shown in the picture on the right. You can see the other window at the other end of the yellow sofa. Can you see how the light flows into the room?

Notice the window with the morning sun shining in and if you look closely you will see behind the table with flowers is another window with light flowing in from that direction. This is an awful picture but wanted to let you see the light shining in and how a window makes all the difference in the world. Notice the size of the artwork on the wall. We'll talk about wall hangings and mirrors in a post soon.  


The piece of furniture is extremely large and tall.  I love this one of a kind  Media Cabinet.  I like that the ceilings in our home are so tall, If you can't go wider then just go taller. It makes for a grander look and a roomier feel!

The 'Window Treatments' need to be pretty for show or incognito to blend peacefully.  These are very traditional draperies with shades and sheers behind them.  The color is neutral linen.

If I were to change them now I would probably go off white and hang them at the ceiling.  Of course they would have to be extremely long.  They would pull the eye upward for another enlarging view! Tricks and tips are always good things.  

We have four rather large and tall windows in this one small one and I would take nothing for them! Literally they save the room.  I love the breezy, airy, feeling and look.  Bringing the outside in or should I say taking the eye outward!  Enlarges a room just by sight!

Look at the views from the windows!
Dining Room Windows

I love this room it is very inviting!  Three large windows in one tiny room that was destined to be a small 'Home Office'.  I love to cook and have enough room for others to eat so this room became a 'Dining Room'.  We've had some nice times and wonderful meals in this room.

I like these draperies they flow so well and are easy to open and close.  The color works and is so peaceful. I placed the same color 'Roman Shades' beneath them for added coverage and insulation to keep the home warm in the 'Winter' and cool in the 'Summer'.

The windows give this room a wonderful warm glow!  It is a happy room!  The best thing is the view outside them!

The view from another window!  Just beautiful!  Can you see how windows can bring in the light and at the same time take the eye outward?  Outward to such beauty!  The way that works makes for a much more roomy, airy feel and look.  It fools the brain into thinking a space is much larger.


Left Dining Room, Center Foyer, Right Living Room

Windows make the closed room traditional Colonial Farmhouse into an open looking plan. Yes Windows can do that.

View from the foyer


The view from the kitchen window
But wait look what I see! Philly's Dinosaur

I do believe that I see two Dinosaurs!  They appear to be fighting.  Do you see them?  The things you see out of your windows!

This was a fairly long post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

To sum it up:
Windows not only add beauty to you home
They visually brighten your home
They visually enlarge your space by drawing the eye outward
They enable you to see the world's beauty that lies right outside, if you take the time to look.

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Until next time,