Apr 12, 2016

Living Large in Small Spaces: Wall Hangings

Today I share a little about wall hangings and the way they affect the overall appearance of a room.

Look at the photo above do you see the 'Reflection'?  The windows which we spoke of in the last post, the cotton handmade wreath hanging on the inside of the door, to the Armoire in the next room. One large mirror can show quite a lot of the surroundings as you can see.

I purchased this mirror from Ballard Designs 

The next post will be about reflections and sparkle that adds to the enjoyment of a room. This mirror I really like and purchased it a few years ago from 'Ballard Designs'. It is a purchase that I am so happy about!

Look at the design!  The circular top section adds so much and at times I hang wreaths from that spot.  A huge mirror that virtually covers this entire section of the wall.  

'The Pink of Collection'
Created 1909
by George Wright (English 1860-1942)

I've talked about this print hanging in the foyer before and guess you can tell I really like it.  One of those pictures that just follows you from home to home and never gets old.  I am sure you have some of those special pictures that you really like even after many years.

It is quite large and also fills an entire wall.  I don't really know if it is the fact that I like it so like an old friend or if it just works well hanging there.  It works huge or not!

The hunt picture I just spoke of in the photo above this one hangs on the small wall section to the left before the large door opening and table upfront.

This Eucalyptus wreath is from Balsam Hill

This little wire structure was in my flower garden but I brought it in temporarily for a small airy backdrop for the 'Eucalyptus wreath'. The wreath is artificial but is so lifelike it serves well here. I am allergic to real Eucalyptus so this is a way of having the light airy plant in the home although faux. A friend made me the beautiful quartz light to the left and I really like it!

This wall is a work in progress but this sits on the mantel until I decide what I will do with it.

This huge mirror came from JC Penney

You will remember this extremely large mirror that hangs on a prominent wall. The size does a great deal to enlarge a fairly narrow room.  I just love this old friend!  Look at the reflection in the first photo and then in the one below.  

This photo shows what I spoke of in the last post about windows and the way they have an effect on any decor.  See the window and sun shining in?  Also, notice the other wall with the mantel and small display above that I was just speaking of. Yes, that wall is a work in progress.

We've talked about this picture hanging over the yellow sofa many times. Hopefully, this photo shows the size of it and the candle sconces. It is a large picture and the grouping cover three-fourths of the wall between two windows. It makes for a grand eye-catcher.  The mirror across from it and she make for a much larger 'look' in the room.

'The Story Book'
by William Adolphe Bouguereau

'Who is in this portrait'?  That is a question I am asked numerous times.  Chuck says she follows him everywhere he goes. 

This picture is fairly small and the little girl just steals my heart.  This small section of wall beside the china cabinet needed something and she fit the bill.  She makes me happy!

This mirror has been with me for 'umpteen' years and I painted it in pewter but not seen in the photo it still has touches of gold throughout as well.  It was gold and beautiful I may have to go back to gold.  Do you have things you've re-done and wished you'd just left them 'as is'?  This is one of those pieces.  Who knows I don't hate it and designers have said they like it better so 'who knows' what I'll do with it.

'The Berry Pickers'
by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe
Etched by James S. King circa 1880s

The picture that was shown in the mirror hangs on an adjacent wall.  It is fairly huge and you can see it covers the wall.

How could I not have a picture that is called 'The Berry Pickers'?  Managing a strawberry field for years and people still call me 'The Strawberry Lady'.  It was an obvious choice long ago.

Another view from the 'reflection in the mirror'.  See what a mirror can do for a room?  That is a huge piece of furniture and it shows up well.  A mirror definitely adds space or beauty in many ways.

These little 'Lenox' Rooster Plates are very vibrant in color and are displayed on the wall over the 'Hoosier' in the kitchen. They hang fairly high but make a very good show.

The cake holders and pasta bowls needed a home and this is the best place in the kitchen to store them. They are fairly large pieces that don't fit into the cabinets, but the way I cook they are easy to spot and use frequently. The pieces belonged to my ancestors so they are very special to me.

This picture was given to me by a friend and it is such a subtle beauty.  It hangs on a wall between the sink and the tub.  I think it fills the space beautifully.  Oops, I almost forgot the mirror over the sink what a beauty.  I've shown these to you before but needed to have them in the wall hanging section as well.

Summing up today's post:

Huge Wall Hangings work well in small spaces!
Paintings especially draw the eye in and on the subject.
Mirrors expand the area and bounce light around so things appear airy and spacious.
Paintings, Portraits, Mirrors can add so much to any decor.  They can indeed make a space appear larger.  I think larger works better than smaller ones unless in a grouping.

You might like to see the first post in this series:  Living Large in Small Spaces:  Window Talk

Until next time,


  1. Mirrors can make such a huge difference, I love yours with the round top and the one with multiple panes. I hung an old mirror on the wall directly in front of my sewing machine so I can see the whole room behind me. It's opposite the window so lots of light to see as well. It's really made a difference.

    1. Hey kathy,
      Thank you! I'll bet the lighting is better in your sewing room! What a great idea with the mirror bouncing the light around the room! I know that must be a fun room to create in!

  2. Everything looks so pretty. I love mirrors. They make a room look larger. Truth is, someone will always look at mirror when they walk by one, but not always look at a picture.

    Have a great day

    1. Thank you Lisa. You're right pictures can hang for years and go unnoticed. It's funny too. The picture of the girl over one of the sofas Chuck's aunt thought it was me as a child when she finally noticed it. Cute...

      Hugs to you sweet friend! Happy New Year!

  3. Your home is just beautiful. You have so beautiful decorated it and made it still feel like home . Love it!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Susie! Coming from you that is quite the compliment because you certainly have a beautiful home!

    2. Oh, thank you so much Susie! Coming from you that is quite the compliment because you certainly have a beautiful home!