Apr 15, 2016

Living Large in Small Spaces: Reflections of Glass

I've come to realize that I must be a little claustrophobic.  Talking today about glass and silver objects.  Things that seem to open up a space.  Join me won't you.

I like adding little touches most people might not notice but seem to help me. Items made of glass and silver or maybe a combination of both that open up a space, Some like these lamps do this by looking invisible. The silver inside combined with the glass bounce the light around the room yet look almost invisible.  

The glass vase holds one of my bird nests and showcases it and the tiny blue eggs.  

The glass sparkles and bounces light around the room yet showcases the eggs and nest inside the display.  The silver accents on and inside the lamp shine, sparkle and bounce light as well. 

This glass vase is another example of an object that adds a decorative touch be it faux or real fresh cut flowers changed in season.  Clear glass with water used in live arrangements add so much yet an invisible see-through object with touches.

I love this piece Carly gave me.  Just look at the lemons and limes.  See the light that bounces around from this object and the stainless steel on the refrigerator.

This vase with cut glass bounces and sparkles with beauty.  It belonged to a family member that is no longer with us and has sentimental value.

I cut these roses before the late frost we recently had here in South Carolina.  The rose is always a winner each one is a beauty! The name is 'Teasing Georgia' a David Austin Rose and a wonderful performer I recommend highly.

The kitchen table has a glass top with a beautiful marble and metal base.  It is a gorgeous piece.  The chairs have beautiful coloring on them as well.  This set is in front of a wide window as you can see. The light from that window bounces beautifully from the table bringing a glow into the room. I love the look here again clean open showing beauty.  It would be a completely different closed look were the table to be wood or closed.  I love the see-through look.

The coffee station glows as well with the clear glass coffee and sugar dishes.  The stainless, and glass coffee pot fits right in and glows as well.

You know by now there is a common theme in our home and that would be neutral color with silver, pewter, touches of bronze and gold scattered throughout.  With a base of neutral like that you can add any color in the color wheel to your decor at any given time.

I love the glass canisters and containers in the kitchen they show what is inside along with appearing invisible with the added bounce of light. One great thing about these is that they were very inexpensive.

I love this baking section of the kitchen!

See the mixer white with silver/stainless it is blends right in yet adds to the bounce/sparkle.

The chopping block was made and given to me by a precious friend Kim of Snug Harbor Bay.  She knows how much I cook and is also the beautiful model of some of my aprons.  Be sure to pay her website and store a visit.

The eggs are courtesy of our hens here at Hibiscus House. The wire rack was a gift from Carly. The beautiful basket is one of a collection I acquired from a friend awhile back.  Isn't the color on that basket just gorgeous?

It looks like I need to refill my cereal dispenser. (I like that thing). I also love the french butter holder, (the little narrow white dish with lid far right) that keeps it soft and ready for use at any time!

Who doesn't love a china cabinet filled with china and crystal?  I know I love mine.  The sparkle of it all is out of this world. The way the light from the windows bounces off of the objects is awesome!

I like these pewter draper rods with the glass finials. They too blend in yet sparkle and reflect light around the room for a beautiful look.

The above candlestick is one that has an opaqueness to it in some parts and clear glass cut to show beautiful reflections. It belonged to my mama and means the world to me!  Look at the colors reflected in this candlestick and how they look like stripes.

These canisters hold my homemade laundry detergents and from the looks of the second one I need to mix up more.  The white cabinets are tall the antique white walls shelving and one of my rag wreaths this is a soothing room that although small doesn't feel small.  I love my laundry room! I intend to find some silver, metal or pewter scoops from my favorite antique store to use in the detergents!

Summing up today's post:

Personal Note *
I don't profess to be an interior designer simply sharing what works for me.

I knew when I moved here that I might have to come up with ways to make the home more relaxing, airy and inviting. People were building mostly open floor plans. I worked for quite a talented architect and saw first hand what they were building.

You probably know me by now and  although I love open there are times when closed rooms are what I would enjoy more.  I cook a lot and maybe don't want that all out in the open at all times. So I went back to the Old Farmhouse Style with formal dining room and a living room instead of a great room.
A floor plan like this takes some work to make it feel open.

  • The first thing I did of course and this was before everyone painted everything white mind you, was to paint all the walls throughout antique white.  I chose a warm white tone to blend in with the color of wood flooring and cabinetry used in the home.  It is less stark in contrast and flows better.  
  • The white walls are the plain clean blank slate to build and decorate around.
  • Fixtures in colors that are appealing to your eye will flow more easily.  Silver and Pewter worked for me. Although cool in color I wanted that contrast. I use warm colors too, gold, brass, bronze. I decided that mixing metal colors isn't so bad and just ran with it.  You know like the song 'Silver and Gold'.
  • Use Glass wherever possible, for obvious reasons.
  • Use some form of white again for obvious reasons.  White makes the space seem open, airy and spacious.  Keep in mind that it blends or is invisible to the eye. 
  • You do need some accent colors to make the home appealing and not too bland or sterile.  Pick the color or colors you love to make that great 'Pop' of color more vibrant.  If you like it how can you go wrong?  The best thing about the blank slate is that your colors will change out flawlessly without much effort.
  • Enjoy what you do with your home and just go with it!  Make it yours and be proud of it!

Glass has the ability to come off invisible at times 
Glass makes an area appear larger than it really is because you can see through it.
Glass reflects light and surrounding colors in such beautiful ways
Glass sparkles and brightens
Silver, stainless, clear, cut and colored glass reflect light as well

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  1. You and I think/are so much alike. I am all about clear glass and mirrors and openness. I don't like the feeling of being 'closed in' and yet I don't want things fully exposed either. Lovely post, Dolly.
    Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

    1. Hey My Sister!
      I love it! Wish we were neighbors, I really do! Thank you sweet beautiful friend. You and family are in my thoughts and prayers constantly!
      xo Dolly