Jan 11, 2022

I Am Not A Cold Weather Person


Are you a winter cold weather type of person?

I am happy for you if you are, but I definitely am not!

I tend to hibernate like a big ole bear this time of year.

I linger a lot longer underneath the comfy covers for sure!

What is better than a hot drink on a cold morning?

A warm fire wouldn't hurt either

This one says stay awhile

I think I will!

The weather could be down to 70 from 99

  I'm just walking out for a short while I have to have a jacket and hat!

Living in the South you never know from day to day what to wear anyway!

One day you dress like this the next like this!

I like this better by the way!

I have to bundle up now

It's time to go outside brrrr!

I have to feed and water the chickens.

The eggs need gathering!

Sometimes when going out to check on the animals I feel like I live in this!

It takes an effort for me to venture out!


You let it snow here, which it rarely does and things change

The coat gloves and boots go on real quick and out the door, we run with happiness!

It's true you know.

I guess it's all in how you look at things

We will stay outside until our fingers and toes seem to be frozen and numb.

We take our time before going back inside to get warm.

Amazing how that happens! 👧

This is what I look forward to


Guess What?

I think I'll enjoy this season for now!

Cozy and warm inside

If this were my bed really those white balls would be my wool dryer balls!
Lol, they do a great job but hitchhike their way upstairs into the laundry.

It's time for another cup of coffee!

Before I bundle up and go outside to check on my newly planted rose bushes!

Stay warm safe and healthy!

We have snow predicted for this Sunday!

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  1. Fun post, Dolly. Yep- Not a cold weather person here either and we have cold more of the year than not. When we are in the 70s in summer we are in a heat wave here and people complain about how hot it is. lol. My soul longs for the South! Happy egg gathering. xo Diana

    1. I don't know how you do it! Maybe y'all need to move on down here that would be great!