Jan 22, 2022

The Box Garden (Where are the Boxtrolls?) and It's Snowing Y'all!


I don't think new tender rose bushes can take ice and snow

 Chuck reminded me of all the delivery boxes he was going to take to recycle

Stroke of genius, 

I had forgotten that I used to use cardboard to protect plants in the past 

When expecting extreme weather.

While I was covering my newest roses I couldn't help but think of a cute movie. 

'The Boxtrolls' the grandsons and I went to see a few years back.

Last week we were expecting sleet ice and snow the first time I covered them

We didn't get the snow and thankfully no ice so I uncovered them.

Yesterday I covered them again  because here in South Carolina  

We're actually expecting SNOW!

One of the newly planted heirloom roses

The Mint Compost from Heirloom Roses

Works quite well and the roses love it!

Roses covered with boxes

I'll let you know how well or not that protection worked at a later date.

More roses

A lot of Boxtrolls could live in our rose garden 

Paper and cardboard Oskar chewed up!

He is ready to chew more cardboard!

Trash Mouth is exhausted 

It takes a lot of energy to watch me cover rose bushes with boxes!


It SNOWED last night!


This is how the boxed rose garden looks today!

Snow pictures here!

It never gets old snowing here

We so seldom have it!

Beautiful it is beautiful!

I'll leave you today with a trailer for the little movie I was talking about 

Calling all Boxtrolls!

We have boxes here in the rose garden!

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