Jan 23, 2022

2022 Snow Day!

How about that?

We were all thrilled to see the most beautiful snow that fell here in the South

Which is such a rare occurrence it is celebrated by all!

Today I'm sharing a few very serene photographs taken in my quick walk around the yard.

Just when you get almost asleep I'll wake you up with a few fun pics and videos!

The snow flurries started here around 10:30 pm January 21st

It was a gorgeous sight to wake up to the next morning.

Looking out onto the snow-covered yard and field

The birds really enjoyed the feeders on this day!

The snow on the tips of the pine trees is so pretty

I love these trees

This one is a favorite
Look at the beautiful shape

I know you remember my little garden cabin
This I bought from a friend and it was used in a campground near here.
I really like it so rustic

I need to put a coat of paint on it.
I also need to nail a few boards back into place 
A goal for the Spring!

These precious but pitiful little trees have been the slowest growing sickliest on the place
I had a little help removing and replanting some of them that died early on.

Gloria has snow in her lap

I couldn't stand it any longer I had to get off the porch and
Go out bedroom shoes and all!

It is cold, but I love the flaky dry snow!
Great for snowmen and snowballs!

A little bit of snow on the steps

I took a walk on the side to take pictures and keep footprints out of the snow! (lol)

Enjoying my walk around the property

I thought I had those icicles in the picture 
Oh well, putting it on here anyway!

If you look closely up there you can see a few wasp nests
They build way up high under the top roof!
They still don't build next to the blue ceiling!  
So it is still working to keep the stinging varmints away!

Doesn't the porch ceiling look great against the absolutely beautiful blue sky?

I've shown this picture before in what I laughingly call The Box Garden

Now, how many pictures can one share of a house?  
You know me I can go on and on evidently! 

Finished with the serene quiet and secluded white Winterland


How About Some Fun With The Kids?

Hold On To Your Hats!

Having Way Too Much Fun!

 A look back 
My, how fast time flies!

Happy Snow Day!


  1. It really is beautiful there, Dolly. Your home looks beautiful surrounded by the snowy terrain. It is nice to see someone enjoy it -when they don't see it often.
    Now- when your snow melts let me know and I will send you truckloads from here. xo Diana

    1. Send it on Diana! That would be great! Ours melted almost totally by 2 pm here. Only a tiny bit in the shade remained. xo xo Dolly