Jan 29, 2022

Another Snow Day In South Carolina!

Look what we saw when we woke up this morning! It's rare to see one snow a year but two that is extremely rare.  This makes the second weekend in a row it has snowed here and it is beautiful.

I guess my children will get a chance for more snow cream!  Do you like snow cream?  Some have never had it before they tell us.

It is melting already and wetter than the last snow I think.  I didn't venture out in it today. I may yet!

Sharing a few early morning pictures.  We've certainly to my recollection never had back-to-back snow like this.  Fun times.

It doesn't appear as deep as last weekend but still beautiful

Mama's Oak Tree she gave me I call it 'Dot's Feather Tree' She made a Christmas tree one time with feathers and it was so blame adorable. All of the feathers went in all different directions. When she gave me this as a tiny seedling I had no idea its limbs and branches would go in every direction. Reason for the name! 

I still had some things covered up from our last week's snowstorm  Guess with the temps we are supposed to have here next week I may move these things and the tarps.  

I need to buy more grill covers, the winds out here can be pretty strong so it's hard to keep one intact.  

The birds were so happy this morning eating at the feeders.

Temperatures rose and the snow melted quickly.  Sometimes here in the south, we take it all in as fast as we can, or we'll miss it!


  1. There is a beauty that comes along with the snow. If I had a wish it would be to have snow and then have it melt and have decent temps for our winter months. We broke records this year with below ZERO days.
    Your pictures are wonderful and I love all the snow on the trees and bushes. Stay warm. xo Diana

    1. I'm sorry for your especially cold days for sure! I don't know how you get used to the cold. This is unusual for here now and whew I envy you that can take the cold for sure.
      I'm dreaming of spring now!
      You're so right it is so pretty in the trees and on the ground. Thank you sweet friend!