Sep 29, 2018

Goodbye Summer Comforter!

I have really enjoyed this Summer set!  It is beautiful!  Guess it's time to decide what to put on the bed for Fall and Winter.

This is by Waverly and is called Floral Engagement in Porcelain.  Not a particularly expensive set, and now I see where it is very inexpensive, but I really like it.  The pheasant throw pillow has such beautiful embroidery.  I love it.  It is time to say goodbye for now.  The colors were so refreshing and enjoyed the entire Spring and Summer here.

Do you change out your bedding and towels etc for the winter months?  I tend to, but don't recall that mama did too much of it, nor grandmama.  Mama just added a blanket or a quilt and grandmama would add one of her heavier quilts to the bed.  

Family Memories and Traditions

Speaking of her heavy quilts brings back memories.  We children spent quite a lot of time at Grandma Cora's house and under those heavy quilts.  If you got under it, let me tell you, you knew it.  You could hardly get out of bed the weight was so heavy.  We slept warm though in the unheated rooms. In those days only one room was kept warm and it was called 'The Heater Room'.  Did I say warm?  Wrong, it was hot as heck in that room.  Grandpa kept busy chopping wood to fill that wood burning heater and wood stove in the kitchen.  Whew, we needed a bath after just walking through either of those two rooms.  Speaking of baths in those days check out this post hereFolks have written to me telling me of the memories that post brought to them.  
Guess I need to return to the topic....

This isn't the best picture it has a yellow tint 
The bedding does not

I like that it is reversible stripe or floral
Both sides are extremely pretty

This is my favorite pillow of course

I love the contrasting patterns
The piping trim is beautiful
This set is well made

I neglected to get a picture of the stripe Euro Shams in this photo
They are pretty as well

I don't know what I will put on the bed now
There are so many quilts and comforters to choose from
Hopefully I'll post before next Spring
You can see this post is late
I guess better late than never.

The mosquitoes here in South Carolina are so huge and numerous
They're making my gardening chores come to an abrupt halt!
We've had one case of West Nile Virus, sadly.
That surely makes me want to stay inside as much as possible.
Please be in prayer for all who have and are still suffering from the damage 
Hurricane Florence has brought with it.

Will post later on the little touches of Fall color I will add to the home

Until next time,


  1. I love this bedspread and pillow. It looks so war and inviting. It make me see myself cuddling up with the warmth and comfortiness of this bed.

    1. It really is warm. In fact the weight probably would take me through the cold weather but I'll probably change for the colors..Good to hear from you.