Oct 9, 2018

We Said Goodbye To Terrence Carraway

Terrence Carraway
City of Florence Photo

Our hearts go out to all in our area.  It was only a few days ago and how did this happen?  We live in a relatively small area and things like this just don't happen here, or so we thought.  A tragedy happened that lets us know they do happen and the location makes no difference.

We said goodbye yesterday to a true hero. Chuck and Terrence were friends and fellow officers.  He was never afraid of anything.  Always there when you needed him.  He will be missed.

A senseless ambush. How could this be?  We may never know and it is still under investigation.

A life lost and so many other lives changed because of this violent act.

Some officers are still trying to heal both physically and mentally.  It may be a long time before some are healed.

We do live in a community that is so full of love and compassion for others and at times like this it shows.  I'm so glad that our people join together to help all, no matter what the circumstances.  It will certainly take a lot of love, faith and compassion for all here.  We are a strong people!  Yes, we are and we will go on.  We won't forget, but we will bond together and go on, because that is what we do.

The children in the schools wore blue in honor of Terrence and the other officers involved in the incident.  Our little ones were proud to wear their blue in memory of Terrence and in honor of the other officers and all First Responders.

photo credit
Glynn Willis Adams Outdoor Advertising

Terrence was a friend and fellow officer of Chuck's. It is still with disbelief that we do this. All officers combine to become a family.  A true family, that loves and cares for all, and it never ends this comradery.

I saw the disbelief in Chuck's face as he saw a picture of Terrence.  I said to him, "Isn't that your son?"  He said, "I don't know I can't tell, still in disbelief."  It is, that is Terrence.  Complete sadness enveloped both of us that afternoon.

Chuck has many memories working with Terrence. Chuck retired but we all have functions that we go to from time to time.  The force is extremely good about keeping the retirees up on what is happening currently.  You see that bond never goes away.  The family connection is always there.  I've seen it, others have lived it.

I have a few memories of Terrence myself.  This handsome man with a genuine smile constantly on his face. That is one memory that will be with me forever.  I can still hear his laughter.

The first time I met him at a police function, he came up to us and said to Chuck, "Hi DAD!"  Chuck would shout, "Hi SON!"  Then laughing that is how they both greeted each other.  Then they would tell all around them that was their relationship, the others who had heard it before would all respond at the same time "I see the resemblance."  From then on while attending these functions,  I'd tell Chuck there's  your son!  One time Terrence said to me, "I guess that would make you my mom, if you'll have me."  Of course I'd have him. How this man full of love, happiness and personality made me smile.  He was definitely one of a kind.

I learned one thing that everybody had in common that knew Terrence or even met him once and that is to meet him is to know him and to know him is to love him.  He made an impression on all he met and it was a lasting one for sure.  One could only hope to accomplish as much as this one young man.

He had almost 31 years with the Florence Police Department, 23 years as an Air Force Reservist with the 315th Security Forces Squadron Charleston AFB.  He became the first African American Airman from Charleston Air Force Reserve Command to be named NCO of the year World Wide and was selected as one of the Twelve Outstanding Airmen of 2002.

He was very involved with his church and working with the youth.  I don't have the room to print all this man did and all he helped.

The city and county have officers down and healing.  Please be in prayer for the family of Terrence Carraway and the fellow officers involved in this tragedy.  

photo credit
Florence County Sheriff's Office
Also pictured injured officers right second down: Corporal Brian Hart
Third down: Lieutenant Corporal Travis Scott
Bottom right: Sergeant Scott Williamson

Some of the officers at this time are still in the hospital, or at home healing.  One we know that may have to have other surgeries. Prayer is needed and very much appreciated.  We pray that each will heal and know in our hearts that they too will continue to protect and serve to the best of their abilities.  That is what heroes do you know!

Sharing a little about Terrence with photos and videos.

photo credit
Terrence really liked the Raiders
We can't leave that out of the post!
His casket has the Raiders emblem inside

photo Matthew Robertson/Morning News Great Article 
A vigil held at First Baptist Church

Terrence being honored for 30 years of service with the Florence Police Department
This is him, his always smiling personality
Loved by everyone!

video credit
Sad reality
Bringing Terrence home after autopsy

If you would like to help Terrence's wife and young adult children 
This link will take you to the
Terrence Carraway GoFundMe


If you would like to help the surviving 
Wounded Florence Officers' Fund
That would be greatly appreciated too!

The last quote Terrence Carraway made on the work schedule

"Most people are paralyzed by fear
Overcome it
And you take charge of your life and your world"

Visitation and Funeral
3:36.10      -27.29   3:31.14
4 Hour Video link here

RIP Terrence

May God bless and keep the families of all involved.
We pray for healing of all involved.


photo David Yeazell/Special to the Morning News

"In a world where it seems sometimes that everyone is angry, Sgt. Terrence Carraway was a peacemaker." .....Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela

We would like to thank 
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
They were there to help all who needed them
It meant a lot that they were there.
Chuck and I had prayer with them.
BGEA photos

RIP Terrence

Friends, please be in prayer for the healing of the other officers involved.

Tribute to Farrah here


  1. Oh Dolly I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to your friend.

  2. Just as Mr. Chuck was to Officer Carraway, so was Officer Carraway to kids he Mentored. A few of the kids in the drumline video still call Officer Carraway “Pops” because he was their father figure. Thank you Mr. Chuck and the Late Mr. Carraway for letting your light shine. Thank you, and thanks to the writer for sharing this story.

    1. Jackie,
      Thank you so much. I'll forward this on to Mr. Chuck and know he will be pleased. It is wonderful to have known such a man and all seem to agree he was quite special. I know you and the kids will never we none will never forget Terrence. I really am glad to have that video on the post.

    2. Jackie,
      SGT Carraway did the things that he did because he believed the Bible which says, "The most important thing is love." Tell his kids to spread that love and help to make this country a better place to live.
      Thank you for your kind remarks.

  3. So sad
    I lived in Florence and lake city and bennetsville in the 1990's when teaching there
    Amazing people

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I agree it is truly sad and they are amazing. A teacher what a hard but satisfying profession. Thank you for your work. It was good to hear from you. Hopefully we won't have any more of these horrible things to happen ever again.