Oct 16, 2018

Chinese Snowball

We purchased these beauties in the Spring.  They are gorgeous, huge, but gorgeous.  I usually buy plants and trees in smaller sizes but this year I decided to buy big.  

I planted one in one of our front floating gardens.  You can see the garden island makeover in these two posts:  Makeover and Finish.  This particular Snowball is now beginning to bloom for the Fall!  What a treasure to have!  Now to decide where to plant the other two.  Today talking Snowball Bushes.

Botanical Name: Viburmum macrocephalum 'Sterile'
Spring's Most Elegant Flowering Shrub
Southern Living

Planting Tips

Type:  Large-scale shrub that is deciduous in the coldest areas, nearly evergreen elsewhere.  Plant it at the back of the border to fill a large space, or use it as a small tree.
Size:  Rounded habit, growing 12 to 20 feet tall and wide, blooms span 6 to 8 inches across.
Light:  Full sun to part shade.  Give protection from afternoon sun in the Lower and Coastal South.
Soil:  Well-drained, slightly acid soil is best, but the shrub also tolerates alkaline conditions.  
Prune:  Soon after flowering to remove dead wood and shape.
Range:  Upper South through the Coastal South.  Plant in a protected area in the coldest regions.
Fertilize:  At planting and then again each year after flowering.

Another source for good information is Deb's Garden

I thought I'd share a few videos
A reference for you & me

Great advice in the videos above.  This may bloom twice in the year!  How wonderful is that?  I can't wait to see the show. If mine does in fact bloom twice I need to remember to check for drought in the early Fall.  I'll have to remember to update if it blooms more than once a year here.

It does appear that I will be pruning quite a bit to keep the one in the bed out front to size.

I started this post in early Spring and it is now Fall.  I'm happy to report that these Snowballs are beginning to bloom now!  I'm excited. Can you tell?

I can tell that this Fall Bloom will be the flat tip type

One gentlemen in a video about was talking about how in the Spring
The blooms will be round balls & in the Fall the type pictured above
I can't wait until this has fully bloomed!

Hey, It's as if I have two different plants with the different blooming that occurs with the seasons!
I can live with that!

I look forward to many years of growth and blooms from these.

Until next time....


  1. Oh those are so pretty. I'm going to need to redo our flower beds at the lake house so these will be high on my "must have" list.

    1. Hi Kim,
      I do like them and think I need to put some Spirea here as well. Had some at the old home and they too are so pretty. I hope you'll share your pictures of your flowers at the lake house. How wonderful to have a lake house!