Feb 12, 2016

Twine, Hammer Head, Lard Bucket, Ma's Pie Safe and More

Do you have furniture pieces that have been handed down to you?  We do Chuck and I both.  This particular pie safe belonged to his grandmother.  They called her "Ma".  A very sweet and beautiful lady she was.

This piece of furniture ended up being a catch all!  You know a place for all who walked by to keep something safe until later.  I do mean all too.  I have even been known to store a Chris Pratt Lego in there for my grandson.

The question is do I dare share the complete before and after?  Most importantly do I dare share the before?  Oh alright I'll show you what happens when everybody throws something into a drawer or cabinet and you don't think about it for years.  You only go in to grab what you need and then shut it back real quick and be on your way.

I stopped to look inside the other day and this is what I saw!  The horror!

Gasp!  How in the world do those casserole dishes stay in there?  Look at my rare brown frog totally expensive baking dish.  It is doing a balancing act!  I see my Sur la Table soup tureen with bowls! The nutcracker that's where you are! There is my antique english ironstone pitcher. Good gosh what is that on the top shelf?  Chuck has butane lighter fluid there! Oh no well that does it, that must go!  How dare he put that in there with my stuff! (lol)

Whew, empty at last!  Where did all that dust come from I thought in shock.  Then realized it has screen in the doors.  It is a wonder it isn't knee deep in dust. I started wiping and cleaning.  It is a pretty antique pie safe.  Can you imagine the wonderful desserts that "Ma" had in here?  I can tell you she definitely was an excellent cook! This was made in our small town of Timmonsville.  I have my grandmother's pie safe and think it was made there also. The little Mayberry that virtually no longer exists.

Loading a shelf.  It is a start anyway.  The first piece on the left was a gift from my late sister in law and I love it.  The soup tureen Sur la Table the bowls were a gift from Carly.  I love the small sauce/dip bowls, they are hidden in the back.

I decided to move the things around adding a little more at a time.  How long did this last?  Not long. This cabinet used to only have white items inside and it was quite pretty.  Now I am adding more colors.

I like the egg cookbook and the ceramic egg basket.  I found it in an antique store, although it isn't an antique I really like it.

A close up view of the soup tureen and bowls.

I have now added more like the antique white pottery bowl, a rooster picture, my berry colander, frog baking dish.  Still playing around.  You know I think that I will change my train of thought.  I always want to keep a look that is uniform and as my daughter says of my color scheme white, off white, ecru, light tan.  My mama and grandmothers didn't go by look alone and you can bet they did not color coordinate everything.  I have decided to put items in here that we will actually use.

I love this little rooster.  Chuck and I found this in a North Carolina mountain town at an old school house museum.  It is actually a card but I decided to frame the little 5" x 7" cutie.  It was painted by Martha Brown.

This pretty berry bowl was found at an antique shop.  The lady thought it was a planter and was selling it for dirt cheap.  I knew what it was, of course I did.  I am the "Strawberry Lady".  Look at my little strawberry and the precious little fairy bug holding it.  Carly gave me that and it is adorable.

This is such a handy basket and awfully cute.  The red, aqua and jute twines are new the rest are antiques from my grandmothers.  Look at them I use them all the time.  Don't you just love the one that has a twig inserted and more twine wrapped around.  My grands were extremely thrifty, they didn't waste a thing.  Sentimental me I keep things that others throw in the trash and treasure them for years.  The fold up spoon/knife/fork and hammer head tool were my daddy's.  He had an auto body repair shop.  I would take nothing for that.  I wish these things could talk, the stories they would tell.

The basket is on the top shelf now with the twine and I use it often.  Oh, yeah I now have an orange and Pyrex baking dishes on the left.  I may be able to take the not color coordinated look or maybe not, am learning that I have some OCD;  Which is funny when you look at the before picture of this cabinet..Have to work on that one.

This picture is on the third shelf it is one that my Catie took framed and crocheted cross with flowers.  She is my clown.  The Beta fish named Marty had died and she did this along with writing one of the funniest eulogies ever for a dead fish.  I must keep that.  You can read her eulogy here.

My grandmother Goldie had this and told me that it was my great grandmother Dolly's lard bucket. Yes, my namesake. The label on the back of the bucket says peanut clusters so for a minute I thought that was what had been in the bucket.  I guess that was an advertisement.  

Hope you enjoyed the pie safe clean up and out.  It should be much easier to get to the things I use on a regular basis and I enjoyed giving you the stories behind the little sentimental items.  

Until next time...


  1. Your pie safe is fabulous as are a lot of the antique dishes. I do have loads of furniture, handed down from Dave's family and mine. We have Dave's great-grandfather's roll top desk he used while in VA legislation, my Great Aunt Ruth's rocking chair, an iron frame bed Mr. and Mrs. Cokely set up for their honeymoon and a slew of other pieces. Every piece has a story and each one is near and dear to my heart.

    1. Hi There, Thank you. Oh I love that you have some wonderful pieces with such excellent history behind them. I'm so glad you shared that with us. Thank you Sandra!

  2. That pie safe is a treasure that I wouldn't sell for anything. Loved your "before" picture. Thanks for being "real." That's what most of my cabinets look like. LOL!

    1. Thank you! Kim I'm laughing because I know that you don't have a mess like that! Can you believe that mess? Yep I decided to bare all, my new thing. Show it like it is and boy was that the worst...good to hear from you!