Jul 13, 2020

This That and Another: The Tiger Lily The Pear Tree a Turtle!

Tiger Lily
(Lilium lancifolium)
Do you have flowers that over time you tend to become used to and simply overlook? Believe it or not, at times I take these faithful lilies for granted! How could I do that?  Just take a look at these beauties.

My love for these and in fact these came from the gardens of my now deceased mother in law Genolia.  She was an avid gardener and was very accurate with her information about each plant. She loved to read her gardening books and shared her knowledge with others. If you knew or were related to her you already knew this. A gentle, soft-spoken beautiful lady she was indeed.

She told me to pop off as many of the little round black seeds as I wanted and start my own garden. So, I did and now moved miles from the old homeplace I still have some of these beauties.

You know the things that do best in your location are the things you should try to help flourish, (I'm reminding myself as well).  I need to pop off some black seeds and begin more lily gardens.

Today I share a few pictures of these lilies and the pear tree.  The pears most of them are still hanging on the tree. A few have fallen off or maybe even had some help falling off, but many remain.

I have these in the Butterfly Garden
You can see they get fairly tall They grow 2 - 5 feet tall and some of these are almost 6 feet tall!

Every stage of these flowers is a beautiful one
Can you see the little black round balls on top of the leaves?
Those are the seeds!

This may be a Stella De Oro Daylily in the middle of the wild Butterfly Garden
Now that is a daylily everyone should have

This yellow beauty is one of three I purchased at either Lowes or Home Depot years ago
I don't remember or even know if it had a name tag attached, but it performs yearly and is in-person extremely beautiful

You probably remember this character 'Little King Trash Mouth
He is stalking an unsuspecting bug, lizard, or something always on the prowl!

The bees, butterflies, and insects of all kinds love this wild garden

The Pear Tree

Aren't they pretty?  I love fruit trees!

Looking good!

(excuse my Mimi has been cooking and hasn't even brushed her hair look---keeping it real)

Look what the boys found out at the pear tree!
Their father saw something moving out and they all ran to see what it was.
They played gently with it for a short while and then set it free.
There is always an assortment of wildlife to be found here.

My boy and the turtle
(he is growing out his hair says it's his virus hair)
I've missed these guys because of distancing at times it is very hard, but boy when you get to see them the joy it brings!

Close up view

Oskar is really checking this thing out!

Oskar, everpresent loyal garden helper
I can't get him to stay up at the house in the shade, but he finds his own to still do 'His job'.
You may remember he picks my strawberry patch clean, yes he does.  He loves them.
(I'll have to work on that one come next Spring when we are in the mood for berries ourselves...)
Well, he now reaches up and picks my small green bell peppers from the plants!
What can I say?  He watches me and emulates.

Information on the Tiger Lily
Always have plenty of perennials of all types in your gardens and you'll always be assured of blooms!
Mama 'Dot' always told us this
It's true you know for almost no bother, work, or worry your garden will be filled with beauty

I'll leave you with today's devotional
Stay safe sweet friends!


  1. Beautiful flowers and good looking boys! I did not know lilies grew from a seed. Mine have bulbs. But looking at your seed it does look like a tiny bulb...maybe? I always loved finding turtles. They are so interesting.

    1. Hey Lisa,Thanks! These lilies do grow from a bulb but also make the little miniature bulb/seeds on the inside of the leaves too.  Must be how they survive for so many years. The turtle was a cute surprise the boys enjoyed looking at him. 
      They raised one like that at home until big and loved it. When it got so big they took him down to the lake on the property and released him. It's a hot one here today and I need to set out a dozen new blueberry bushes.