Nov 15, 2017

It's Turkey Time!

Can you believe it is that time of year already?  I can't!  Around here it is turkey time in more ways than one.  These beauties came through the back yard not long ago.  They certainly have grown!  You may remember they came through earlier in the year.

I put a post on that included them coming through here Wild Turkeys at Hibiscus House click the link to see the old video of them and come back for the new video here.

They truly are beautiful creatures.  Today I will share pictures and one very shaky video I made of them as they are now.  I call that video "The Shakiest Hand in the South!"

Turkey Day at Hibiscus House in Photos

They really like the grapevines

Just look at them

They are having a field day with the acorns on the tree and the ground

These two got a little closer to the chicken pen
I now call the chicken pen "Shanty Town"
Need to overhaul all of it
Don't you like where the one white hen stays? 
She loves the top always

They all seem to get along fine
Chickens are going about their usual pecking
Casper is asleep out back
Nothing is upset either way

They have a subtle beauty

See the beauty?

I'll leave you today with the most recent video
Taken from inside through the kitchen window
I was so excited and shaky

"The Shakiest Hand in the South!"

photo credit
Wild Turkey walking in tall grass
South Carolina State Game Bird:  Wild Turkey

Another Site
The National Wild Turkey Federation

A Sad Update!

Motley Crow
You may remember him in a post done long ago here
He was my sidekick in the chicken pen
I sang to him and he loved it for years.
I will miss him that's for sure a kindly king of the barnyard.

Rest in peace dear Motley
We got him November 9, 2009 he was about 6 months old then
He passed away November 10, 2017

Update on our children from the wreck
Carly is beginning to heal will have therapy
Johnny has some knee and back injuries to heal from
We've been to doctors, have more MRIs to do
All I know is I am so thankful that they are here, healing and 
The Lord is good!
Thank you for the prayers!

Now on to think about Thanksgiving it is next week!
Wow got to hurry!

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