May 11, 2015

May What's Going On?

I trust that all of the mothers out there had a wonderful day!  I did and was surprised by my children in such cute and fun ways!  I tear up when I think about how much they mean to me.  I'd be lost without them.  Come on inside to see What's Going On....
The weather is very beautiful.  It's been a little while since an update about what we've been doing around here.

Chuck has been tilling our garden spot which was vacant for a couple of years really.  Long enough for the Nutsedge to take over..Oh wait I almost forgot we have a new tiller.  Chuck says it is a piece of cake to work with.  I'll have to do a product review on that one later.  It is a Husqvarna with a Honda motor.

I visited my favorite feed & seed store where I found some great vegetable plants.  My sister has a greenhouse.  She and her son have been growing all sorts of things, you know I went home with a trunk full.  I planted some seeds as well as the plants in the vegetable garden.  We had been waiting on some rain and we did get some.  Sorry for the bad weather across the country though.

I've gotten some of the sweetest strawberries from the patch lately!  They may not be as big as the commercial but the flavor is the best!  They had gotten a little dry so they are seedy in the picture below.  They've gotten some water and are improving now.

The flower gardens are beginning to come alive!  I have taken some pictures in the middle of grooming, weeding and doing other landscaping tasks.  (Whew!)  My back is letting me know that lots more gardening is needed to prevent the pain!  Spring time gardening alert...

 "Teasing Georgia"  David Austin Rose...One of two here.  I do recommend this rose.

The rose garden is in full bloom.  It did take a licking this past weekend because we had some gusty winds and short heavy rains that have whipped them a bit.

We now have some beautiful new chicks here at Hibiscus House.  They are Buff Orpingtons and let me tell you they are so sweet with great personalities.  I've wanted some Orpingtons for some time.  My sister found them for me at another feed & seed.  They're supposed to be pullets, guess we'll cross our fingers and hope they are because you know our track record for getting more roosters than hens.  I'll be sharing more about them later.

They are so adorable, so inquisitive.
They come up to you and want you to hold them, very sociable. 

Catie has been helping to babysit a new rescue kitty that was found at Doug's mother's work.  they had to cut it out of the wall.  It is still so little it has to be bottle fed.

Creative Catie made a harness to keep it cuddled and happy.  LOOK at Frieda the rescue puppy!  She has taken to babysitting the new little kitty too.  She cuddles it and takes care of it.  I don't think the kitty minds at all.

I went on a field trip to the movies with Carly, and the boys.  Movies and eating at one of our local Mexican Restaurants.  It was a great day!  One of the boy's class have chick eggs in their incubator.  Lots of excitement in the air because they are beginning to hatch!

Mother's Day is still fresh in my mind for sure.  It was only yesterday and my heart is full of love as always for my family.  I am so blessed and I know it!  Thank you God!  They don't like for me to brag about them.  I will say this I'm so thankful for and proud of them!

Now on to the fun stuff!  I love my gifts too you thoughtful kids!

 A book by a local author.  I can't wait to read!
(hmmmm maybe a new spotlight story?)

A great new canvas 
Yes, they are adorable!  I love them both so much!!!

Check this out!
 Oh my I had to share this one!  
Thank you kids!  Mama is going to see Paul McCartney! 
I don't know who is more excited him or me!!! (:))

He is giving me the flowers he picked for me.

This one touched my heart for sure!  Cutting flowers and also one special leaf is inside.  He grew a tomato plant from seed, it is growing really well too!  He asked his mom if he could put a leaf in my bouquet for Mother's Day.  He wanted to give "Mimi" something that he had grown.
So I have a special tomato leaf in this arrangement of flowers! 

I'd like to share what is going on in the sewing/craft room of Hibiscus House called dolly's designs.  There may be a few of you out there that are unfamiliar about that so please check it out.  I've been given some fabric and can't wait to go through it all along with more organization in that room!

Art work and what it has been turned into...Coming Soon to dolly's designs

I've done some but lots more to do in cleaning the closets!  This post gives you a few ideas as to what to do with your unwanted sweaters...

That's about all that is happening around Hibiscus House at the moment!
Gardening, Cooking, Traveling, Tending to Chicks.....picking strawberries, fertilizing, .....ok I'll stop for now....I'll leave you with the commercial with the free range chicken....No I'm not advertising for them I just love their commercials!  This one seems appropriate!

Take Care!


  1. Sounds like a whirl wind of activity and so much fun. What a beautiful and loving family you have. Happy Mothers Day!

    Strawberry shortcake or strawberry ice cream??

    1. Oh thank you Kim! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! Decisions, decisions....I think I'll have to have both!

  2. Happy belated Mothers Day.
    Paul McCartney how awesome is that!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Marissa! Thank you! I certainly hope you had the best Mother's Day!