May 14, 2015

Gloria and Her Azaleas

Good morning!  I thought I'd take you back to a month ago when the azaleas were blooming.   Isn't Gloria a cute fountain?  I just like to walk around the gardens and see her sweet gentle face.  I've planted white azaleas around her and it is a peaceful garden.  I have four azaleas in this garden.  Three bloom first and the one behind Gloria blooms last.  When we plant things we hope that certain ones will bloom at the same time and if you stop to think about it they should.  Planted same time and the same type of plants, yet they show you they have a mind of their own.  Gloria's azalea the one directly behind her is always last but let me tell you it is a grand bloomer.  It takes it's time showing up but when it makes it's grand entrance it is well worth it!  Come on into the garden to see....

See how they bloom in stages

Yes, Gloria's main azalea has buds and they are loaded!
Look at Gloria in all of her splendor!
Azalea in full bloom

Aerial View
Just look at the blooms!  
The bush is covered!

A Side View

Back View
Look at it just about every inch is covered with blooms.
It may be later blooming but look at the difference in this plant and her sister plants in this photo..
I guess it is worth the wait for her to bloom.

The Other Side
(see in the background how much further along the other azaleas are going down from rain)

One More Look

I laugh at myself because a friend of mine who also blogs had a post about things she hates that bloggers do...One of them was to post tons of pictures of flowers..I'm guilty with some of my flowers.  Yes I do get carried away with taking the pictures of flower gardens.  
I'm glad I did especially on my last walk in Mama's gardens with her.  I don't know what possessed me to take 145 pictures of her gardens that day.  She told me,"You can't look good for taking so many of them and what in the world do you want all of those pictures of her ole flower gardens?"... I have that memory in pictures and shared them here in Dot's Flower Gardens..I have the links below for those tours.
Now I will share on more azalea collage as they are truly beautiful. I'm beginning to see a theme in my gardens and that is "White".  The white flowers seem to do best for me out here on this property!

Aren't they beautiful?

Have a great gardening weekend!

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  1. Dolly, I love it..
    Gorgeous flowers ... I wish I could be there in person to see them.

    1. Thank you Marissa ..
      I too wish you could be here in person! If you ever come to South Carolina let me know..I'd so love to see you!

  2. They are beautiful and so thick! I have the same thing with my bird bath and normally the iris all bloom evenly but this year they are coming in spurts and I assume the middle, directly behind the bird statue, will be last. We are having serious internet problems- our provider's equipment- and they are not a big corporation so not too concerned about customer service because they are the only game in town. Our download speed is almost non-existent so photos take a bit but worth the wait for these beautiful bushes

    1. Thank you Kathy! I just love your fountain and your home is so beautiful! I'm sorry for the internet troubles, I hate that for you and hope they will fix that soon!