Aug 17, 2013

Casper the Escape Dog

Casper, What can I say about him? I haven't spoken much about Casper lately have I?  I don't think that I told you he ran away and I could hear him barking but couldn't find him.  Chuck had been up and down the road off and on for a day searching.  We finally found him at a neighbor's home. He had found their children to be very likeable and they liked him, so much so that they gave him a name, "Fuzzy".  We brought him back home but knew he had enjoyed his day away.
He has stayed at home since then. Well here, but not in his pen, and not protecting our chickens...

 Do you see anything strange in this picture below?  I do Casper is relaxing on the outside of his pen.  There he is under the tree with his gathered limbs to chew on, happy as can be.

 Cool as a cucumber enjoying life!

Look at that smile, he is so happy to see me and me well..........

 Just look what Digger Dog did..

This hole is about 2 ft deep. Those boards were put in front of the door to keep him from digging, now they lie in the bottom of the hole.
He is quite the digger and has many ponds inside this huge pen...we had to place 4x4's behind a building before he could dig the foundation from beneath it!  The dog's paws are the width of a shovel, I kid you not..He can throw dirt faster and finer than any machine...

He has found every loose black flower pot, stick, small flowering live tree with branches, anything to chew....UGH When I leave he sits in my parking spot and cries...Yes, he is my runaway, escape artist...Casper

Did I mention that he can also open the gate with his nose?  Well, he sure can any time he wishes. That could be good and bad.

What is a dog mama to do?  Love him that's what!


  1. What a gorgeous digger - I mean DOG - wow he's gorgeous!!!

    1. Hi Suzan,
      I am laughing! Thanks so much! He is a handful...

  2. Wow, you've really got a digger there! We've been lucky so far, ours wouldn't dig but they did bark! Casper is beautiful by the way.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      He sure does dig, doesn't bark much but digs all of the time. Thank you Kathy!

  3. We had a Husky that loved to run four blocks away to visit another dog. He would dig under the gate ,so we dug a big trench and poured concrete . He dug the concrete up. Then we put 4 foot metal tubing in the ground. It stopped him from getting out thru the gate. But didn't stop him from chewing a hole thru the wooden fence. GOD LUCK! I will be praying for you.

    1. Oh my goodness Michelle! The best solution may just be for me to leave him out and control him in that way...You really did work at that. Chuck keeps saying when we get our load of dirt and sand hauled in he is going to cement all around the pen not an easy task it is huge. I will tell him the concrete may just be of no use. I am guessing you no longer own that that Husky? Thanks girl for sharing! I'm tired just reading what ya'll had to do..whew.

  4. Oh no! But I had to laugh because I'm reminded of a rottweiller we used to have that was the same way. No matter what we did to his pen, he was always finding a way out. We were even told to sprinkle peppers all around because they won't dig, it gets in their nose and they don't like it. Didn't work either so we finally just left the gate open and let him be free to roam. Best wishes, hope you find something that works!

    1. Angie,
      I am laughing my head off now because Chuck said just yesterday,"sprinkle peppers around", exactly what you just said word for word! I thought well in the first place I'd need an 18 wheeler load of peppers to make a difference in that pen..We now have the gate open for him to come and go and are waiting on loads of to fill in the holes. The dog is out the chickens however stay in isn't that funny? They used to escape when the gate was shut now I guess they figured the grass isn't always greener. It's so good to hear from you sweet friend!