Nov 26, 2023

Product Review: Our New Chicken Feed Kalmbach

These beautiful hens in the above picture are three years old.  I've been raising chickens for over twenty years so I know with age the eggs dwindle.  For over two and a half months these beauties along with two more haven't laid a single egg!  That is unheard of in my barnyard chickens.  Today's post is about changing a feed you've purchased for years!

The word out there has been for some time that certain feeds were in question in their coops.  I thought about it for quite a while but still hung onto this national brand feed. How stupid can I be? Evidently very much so!  

The old feed is Purina which I've spent thousands of dollars on, but no more!

You know when you do the same thing year after year it becomes the norm.  I am breaking the habit of buying this brand it's time for a change! Something is different about it. I don't know what but the hens don't lay eating it.

I made the change finally to Kalmbach and within four days I had an egg in the pen.  I've gotten three more as well within a week. Again after almost three months of not one egg from four hens!

Three of the hens with their head man!


I found this brand at one of our local feed & seed store.  You can check your local feed stores for this brand. I'm thrilled to share a wonderful special feed Organic Henhouse Reserve. The 17% layer pellets and the Scratch.  All are wonderful and the chickens love them!

The chickens love it so much and eat it ravenously!  It's brought life into the older hen pen!


Another regret I have is the newest pullets I have in another pen have been fed Purina chick feed.  I'm beginning now to wonder if they'll even lay eggs being fed this mess.  They are at present 19 weeks old. A little time will tell.


I am thrilled with the new to me, chicken feeds and recommend them highly.  If this past week has been an example then it is a winning solution!

Kalmbach About

Full Disclosure:  I was not compensated by Kalmbach.  The opinions are my own as always.


The 3 year old hens are laying up a storm now!  
They have been since 4 days off of the Purina feed
Kalmbach all the way!!!


Our hens the 3 year old and the newest flock have not stopped laying eggs!
We get 100% egg hatch daily!
We've only had aproximately four days without 100% eggs in the nests!
This is excellent feed!

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