Jan 27, 2013

Sunday Chicken Day: Update on The Silkies

 In the nesting box on the left we have
Patty Partridge

 In the right nesting box we have Elvira daughter of Precious a Black Silkie
and now we have Goldie who chose to set with her...

Now there are a total of three broody Silkie Hens
two in this nesting box
one in the other
They don't even care...

Several times one or two of the eggs were pushed out of the nest but still warm so maybe they have been sharing the eggs
I just don't know... 

You may remember the post done recently about the Silkies
These are my surrogate parents because I want another breed of chicken called the
Araucana ..to read more click HERE

This is the breed I am hoping to hatch
Lavender Araucana

I'll keep you informed as to how this goes
Have a great week!


  1. Oh- Aren't those silkies beautiful? Isn't it funny how they have such distinct personalities? I think if a person has never had chickens they probably don't realize it...they just lump them together as "chickens". There used to be something so comforting to me about walking into the chicken coop on the farm and listening to that undercurrent of chicken talk as they murmured. Great post- xo Diana

  2. Dolly, your Silkies are so pretty...they are rated as one of the top Broody Hens... so they will be the perfect surrogate mother's! I haven't heard of Lavender Auracaunas... I'm off to look up more info on them...We keep 7 Aurancauas' and they are the sweetest girls...! easy keepers! Keep us posted!

  3. Hi, Dolly. You have such a beautiful blog here. I may not have found you if you hadn't so kindly followed my art blog! Thank you so much. I am following you back and look forward to hearing more from your end of the farmstead!

  4. Best wishes with your broody hens! I hope you have lots of cute little Aruacana chicks soon :)

    I would love to have you share this with The HomeAcre Hop! You can find it on Thursday at:

  5. Oh I envy you to be able to have so many nice chicken breeds. I love the silkies but the Araucanas are going to be beautiful.

  6. Every time I see your Sunday chicken update, I'm reminded how much I want to raise chickens! These are gorgeous looking. One day, one day, I'll have some too.

  7. They are so cute! We want to get silkies eventually to hatch out our own eggs and to see a mama in action :) Good luck with your hatch!