Dec 18, 2012

Goodbye Sweet Chewy

Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet Great Pyrenees. Everyone at the animal hospital fell in love with him also. Not a dry eye was found on anyone. I appreciate their kind and excellent care.  He was stricken with a sickness that he could not come back from. We will miss our dear chicken protector, pet and friend.
Chewy had such a loving, sweet, loyal manner about him, yet that very protective side.
I have never owned such a sweet dog with such a wonderful personality.  He will be missed.

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Goodbye my dear friend.

Also a goodbye to my oldest hen Cora
She left us this week also.
Cora was a wonderful layer and a hen with such a personality, she was one that didn't want
Motley Crow her rooster to have any other hens and never let him forget it....

A post in the archives about Cora and her Motley Crow
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I don't know how my grandparents did this farm animal life. I guess they just took it all in stride and went on. I have a habit of making every animal my pet naming them, singing to them...oh well

We have other hens and will get another dog. It won't be Chewy but just the same I know he will be loved and enjoyed.



  1. I'm so sorry about Chewy and Cora! I just lost a hen a few weeks ago so I know how sad it is. I get so attached and name all of my animals so sounds like we are a lot alike :)

    I have a great pyr mix that guards our chickens and she is wonderful. Keeps them and us safe. Will keep you in my thoughts, Dolly.

  2. Dolly,
    I am so sorry to hear about Chewy and Cora! You have had a lot to deal with recently. If anything happened to one of my pets, I wouldn't be able to function for a while! Perhaps it's good that I don't have chickens. I would get very attached to them as well. Take care! ~Jane

  3. Oh Dolly,
    I'm soooooo sorry to see you lost a beloved pet. It's so hard when that happens. I'm kinda in the same predicament, but still hopeful. My kitty cat, Skye, has been missing 18 days. You can read more about her "the Queen" in the Farmgirl Connection Across the Fence. Less and less hopeful.
    I'm glad you were able to enjoy him and kiss him goodbye!

  4. That's so sad! I'm so sorry to hear about this.

    Kathy- Moving on to the Past