Feb 19, 2013

French Wheaten Marans

Wheaten Marans Rooster

He is a fine rooster and I need some help naming him.  I have given him several french names but none of them suit him.  Please  would you help me give him a proper french name? 

This breed of chicken originally came a town called Marans in France and they lay dark brown eggs.  I had a Black Copper Marans Hen that layed the darkest brown egg, but the Wheaten Marans eggs are a very pretty egg too just not nearly as dark.  I find this breed of chicken to be very calm, gentle and sweet.  They are also very quiet.

Look at these beautiful Wheaten Marans Chicks
Born Easter Morning 2012

Surrogate mother is a Tetra Tint, a breed we got from Tractor Supply.  Tetra Tint is a cross between a Rhode Island or New Hampshire Red and a White Leghorn.  They lay good and their egg colors vary between white, tan or tan with white polka dots.  This hen is a good broody one. We purchased 6 of them and she is the only one that has been broody.

     Sadly one of these has died, she grew to be a hen and lay eggs but this tends to be a fragile breed of chicken for me.


Wheaten Marans Eggs

I still have one of the hens.  I thought she never layed and something was wrong with her.  She looked healthy, always ate and drank. Recently I found a crushed egg shell in the yard.  At first I thought goodness, I have an egg eater.  I then started moving things around and underneath a cement block I saw a mice or rat hole, maybe a snake I just don't know.  Finally an answer to the missing eggs and maybe why the rooster's comb seemed to have been attacked. These chickens have been moved to another location.  They are laying and happy.  They and their eggs seem to be safer.

I hatched another Marans chick under one of the Silkie Hens in 2012 and she is now laying beautiful eggs...1-30-2013.  She is pictured below on the left in the picture with the Rooster that is a little older.  I almost lost him as a chick but brought him in the house and nursed him back to health and he is a beautiful rooster.

young hen and rooster

Isn't he gorgeous?

Feathered feet front Rooster to the rear with lighter feathers one of the hens

Hope you enjoyed another of our chicken breeds.
If you can think of a great french name for the rooster please let me know, with the exception of Pierre he is just not a Pierre

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Dolly,
    He is gorgeous!!! He looks so regal and elegant and is so golden colored. I want one. As far as names go... I read that Acelin is french for males of noble or high birth, Alajos means fame and war, Alard means noble and hardy, Alemana means powerful man, Alexandre means protector of men, and Amaury means bravery/power, while Auguste means venerated, and Auraule means golden one... If Auraule is pronounced Ariel it's my favorite because he is the golden boy. Alexandre and Auguste are great names too.

    There are many more great french boy names here-


  2. I can't help on the name ,but he is a gorgeous bird.

  3. What a beautiful boy he is! I love chickens and roosters and would so love to have some here. I love coming to your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures and posts you do- Well, I think that he must have a Monsieur in front of his name....Monsieur Marcel comes to mind-xo Diana

  4. Jean-Claude? Napoleon? Louis?

    Whatever you choose, he's a very handsome rooster. :)

  5. What a gorgeous Rooster!! Sweet baby chicks! Call him Franciowa... I just made that up.. LOL he is so cute.

  6. I like Napoleon too! It's majestic, just like this rooster. He certainly must reign over these ladies.

  7. No name ideas but it is a beautiful rooster.

  8. Love the rooster colors. We, at one time had a colorful one, but ended up with a barred rock rooster too. Soon enough they fought, so he went to a good home. We have a tetra tint too. Not sure what I will order this year yet.

  9. Love your chickens
    Names me and my daughter like;

    Albert (alber)

    Yes, we are Count of Monte Cristo fans :)

  10. Beautiful rooster and cute little chickies :) How about Jacques or Francios?

  11. What a gorgeous rooster! I adore his feathers. When I saw him and you mentioned a French name, all of a sudden "Gaston" popped into my mind. What do you think? :)

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