Feb 21, 2013

The Secrets of J Edgar Hoover

 Melvin Purvis on the left and J Edgar Hoover on the right 

This has to be a part of Hibiscus House Spotlight Series of Melvin Purvis. It may help us know a little more about J Edgar Hoove a very important figure in the life of Melvin Purvis.

J Edgar Hoover and his FBI History are indeed a part of Agent Purvis's Life. 

Read more and watch the video to learn more.

One of the speakers in the video is Athan Theoharis an American historian, professor of history Emeritus at Marquette University in Milwaukee, and a Wisconsin Academy Fellow. 

If you like history and have an hour to kill watch the video. I think J Edgar Hoover did improve the FBI Image which was a good thing, but: We think that no one person should have so much power.  Look back at our US History and see how much power was given to one person.  It is a scary realization.

Melvin Purvis did more to improve the image in my mind than J Edgar ever could with his secrets on others as well as himself.

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