Jan 21, 2023

Campine Heritage Chicken Breed

Gold Campine

Silver Campine


I'd never heard of this breed although it is an extremely old breed. 

Post from 2019 never published but want to for my records.  It was meant to be for my eyes only for notes to look back on.  I thought better of it and decided that it may help others when raising Heritage chickens.

Purina talks about hens laying as they age.

Darlington Feed & Seed
Purchased 1 Silver Campine Rooster 4/25/19 Age almost 2 mos age  Midnight Chicken and Duck Talk post.
and 1 Buff Minorca Rooster 4/25/19 age almost 2 mos age Comet Me & My Chicken post...

I have 2 Buff Minorca Chicks already purchased them on 3/28/19 age 3 going on 4 wks old

The Silver Campine Rooster  RARE on Critical List
the livestock conservancy Campine Breed of chicken
The rooster and hen feather out in the same way so in fact they are both beautiful not just the rooster

another great link here is Roy's Farm
another link and they are looking for pictures to use on their site Ok State Campine Chickens.  


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