Jan 23, 2023

In Memory of Annie Haven a Modern Day Rancher

It is with heartbreaking sadness that I post about the passing of a friend Annie Haven. When you eat A bell pepper, a tomato you will think of this lady and her family.

They are responsible for those and many other seeds. They are the reason we have those things in our country. We owe the family great gratitude. When California was subject to so much drought She ventured away from growing seeds and had the ingenious idea to use her cattle, horses, and alfalfa to make a great natural fertilizer called Moo Poo. She told me once it was becoming harder to grow things organically She persevered growing organically her Alfalfa one of her fertilizers.
With respect for her, because she loved the story. She was the story, she and her family, I'm again posting a spotlight done on her years ago. I remember talking to her while writing and calling her a cowgirl. She set me straight right away saying, "Dolly, I'm not a cowgirl I'm a rancher a cowgirl would work for me".

It is a good read and such a legacy she had and now she has. You too will be amazed at her and her family. They were seed growers and producers for America. She and her Moo Poo have helped many have beautiful gardens.

You probably know of my white rose garden, well Moo Poo played a very important part in making them especially beautiful.

Hibiscus House Roses
It is amazing how someone you've never actually met can become such a close friend. This lady is one who helped me make it through one of the toughest times in my life. I will never forget her and she will be missed. We love you and thank you, Annie!

In memory and tribute
We revisit a post her post

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. We have lost so many iconic people the last few years. The world is diminished when we lose people like Annie Haven. She led an amazing life and I hope left many who will carry on her legacy.

    1. Eileen, that is true, we have lost many. It's so sad. I hope they will carry on as well. Thank you and you take care.