Sep 22, 2019

Sunday Chicken Day: Chicken and Duck Talk

This Summer has really flown by and the animals out here have grown so quickly.  The Spring Chick Days were fun and I kept to my less chicks this year. I was thrilled to find this perky little endangered heritage breed Silver Campine Rooster! Funny thing is, two ducks found their way into my shopping cart and that has been an adventure to say the least.

I didn't know anything about raising ducks, still don't know much!  I do know they are messy creatures, really messy!  Water around them is only clean for a few seconds, literally.  They can make a total mess in the water with their food, and if area is large enough for them to swim poop will also fill it. Warning: If you don't want to constantly clean ducks' water don't get any.  

On the good side they are hysterically funny!  Flapping around wildly and quacking loudly, doing such stupid things!  They will entertain you!  They are good at keeping the grass and some weeds down in the runs that is a help. 

I'm not sure the chickens are happy with them being included into their homestead but they are getting used to them. At times I do remove and pen them up to give all a break.   

Gaston the head of the chicken yard keeps watch
Daffy and Chippy are enjoying
This Spring Day


Is this a Duck Pen or a Chicken Pen?
Answer: Chicken Pen, but allowing Ducks.
Be glad and move on!

Alright, Alright, Alright!

We found our spot!

They love making their own nests with strings, lose feathers, and leaves found laying around.

The ducks found a great spot to lay, well one did.
It is Daffy the black one I do believe!
You know until they mature it is almost impossible to tell what sex they are.

Duck eggs

Hard to tell by my picture but these duck eggs are larger than the hen eggs.
They also have different spots on them and a greenish, grey color.
Do any of you eat duck eggs?

Early Summer
Chippy & Daffy are enjoying their little bath
This was a few months ago, they are really growing

This video was taken at the end of May, when they were much smaller
A leisurely bath/preen for them
I'll add newer video of them soon.
Who knew they would grow so fast? Not I!

A few months back, he was a very young rooster
Practicing to crow!

Brainiac and Little One with one of our newest roosters, a few months back
This is a Silver Campine

The tiny Rooster 
Midnight or Nightmare
(call him what you will the boys gave him two names)
Crowing for one of the first times

This little rooster used to call "Ma Ma" to Carly when she would come to see us.
It was like hearing a baby cry!
We didn't catch him on video saying that, sadly.
This is how he started crowing later

He really likes to strut!

Here Midnight/Nightmare is now as of yesterday!
He will always be small in stature, and is a Heritage Breed
The Silver Campine is on the Critical List of the Livestock Conservancy
Julius Caesar is also said to have taken Campine chickens home with him
After he had completed a spell of looting in Belgium.
I hope to find a hen to pair him with, but until then he is room mates with
Two Buff Minorca Hens
They are gentle and their rooster has become a giant with no manners
That will be another chicken day story.

The King of our chicken-duck corral

Gaston is never far behind when it comes to taking care of the chicken yard!

Now I have to go and cook some fried chicken!
Granddaddy always said,"Sunday is Fried Chicken Day", and it is!

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday!


  1. They're so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Tina,
      They are a handful of happiness!  Thanks for visiting! Good to hear from you.