Nov 12, 2016

Gaston Decides to Leave the Coop!

I don't know if he thought about it for awhile or if that fateful day he just decided he wanted to be free.  All I know is I opened the gate to feed them up and let Casper out for his daily run.  The door was open as always but on this day Gaston decided to saunter on out of it.

When it came time to put Casper back in for the night I could not get Gaston to go back in.  He would have no part of it.  He evidently had had enough of his women, the Buffs a beautiful group but very very needy.  They love attention and especially his.  He is a French Wheaten Marans and a beauty he has always been.  If you look back at this  link  you can see the feathered feet he used to have before the hens pulled them out.  They doted entirely too much on Gaston and I think maybe he just needed a break from them.

Coming up to see what daddy had in that bag

The very next day he became a tame pet that thought all we had to do was pet and feed him.  Whew, we were glad to see him each morning because we had been hearing an owl every night and there are many predators out here.

Prancing around and around 

Talking to Chuck

Hmmm This looks pretty nice and maybe he will come back and feed me!

That's as far as I go for now!
He became the back porch watch rooster.
The UPS driver would come and go quickly but still place the packages on the porch.
Gaston was a great watch rooster but not mean.

I missed getting a video of him running like wildfire each day to come up to the back door.
I did video him eating a bread snack.

The owl continued to hoot each night and Gaston ate and scratched all over 2 acres and into the next field over.  He was so happy and then it happened.  He decided to sleep and poop all over the back stoop. The owl had gotten too close to him and now the railroad line of trees was just too far away from his porch stoop.  He was scared he'd be eaten and so were we. Back to the coop he was put and mind you that took some doing.  Chuck and I worked hard to catch him!

He is now back in the coop with his doting, attention needing Buffs.

Well we are busy here trying to get some home repairs done and that is an effort since Hurricane Matthew construction crews, roofers and painters are pretty busy and tied up!
Whew and have you had to deal with your insurance company after such an event? 
I will be so glad to have the house normal again!
The days and nights are getting a little colder now so I can feel hibernation coming on.


  1. What a great post! I am amazed at how much personality chickens have. I will be chicken sitting again a few weeks. Let's home all goes well.

    1. Hey Ginger Dawn!
      I know what you mean who knew they had so much personality. Each one different like people. I as a child watched my granddaddy with his chickens and they didn't talk to them or act like any had a personality at all. You never heard a chicken story. Of course that was back in they day when they might have been eating one of them on Sunday. That explains it! I sure hope you have a great time chicken sitting! Let me know. Good to hear from you. Thank you!

  2. Sounds like home to me. We free range our girls. They too love the deck, especially when it rains, they like to set on the railings and watch the rain. Of course they are facing out so we get all the beautiful droppings. We now have a gate on the porch and all is well, with me that is. They stay on the steps and fuss to get in from the rain. 8-)

    1. Oh I'll bet home is so pleasant for you and the girls. I want mine to free range but the predators here are so very bad. In fact we did that at first and lost everyone between the raccoons, opossum, bobcats, coyotes etc. The coyotes would come up on our porch and play. I envy your little ones they have the best home!

  3. Oh! That would make a great children's book!!! With a good moral about leaving home but then coming back to the safety of it (minus the sex with the 'girls') Glad he is safe and sound and hope you can get your jobs done before long. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      I'm smiling about the children's book. You my dear are the author. I wish I had it in me but what a wonderful thought! You always make me laugh you have such a great sense of humor! Thank you I sure do too it would be nice to walk the halls without tripping over

  4. He is just beautiful - love his coloring. My daughter is talking about getting chickens next year. Now that she has the property to do it, I think she may. She's been talking about it for forever.

    1. Thank you Kim! I know she's excited and it is wonderful about her property! Tell her they are fun and a lot of work at times but the rewards of beautiful better tasting eggs make it all worthwhile. Let me know if she does.