Dec 3, 2020

Look At The Chicks Now!


It's been a while since I've posted anything about the baby chicks now young hens.  We lost one sadly it was my pick of the litter, not that it mattered any loss is a loss. The white one with the most personality was taken by a snake I believe. 

On the bright side, three of the four have survived and are thriving. Now we are waiting on our first eggs from them and that may be when the weather warms.
Today I'm sharing some of the backyard animals. They do bring lots of joy to our family.

Chicks at three weeks old

RIP Little white chick

Born June 13, 2020

Click the link above to see these when they were born

One of the little black chicks under the wonderful surrogate mother a Buff Minorca

Strange that the black hens didn't want anything to do with nurturing and setting the eggs

Ironically the chicks that survived evidently came from one or both of the black hens

Young Hens on November 10, 2020

They are almost six months old in these pictures 

Chicken talk 21 weeks plus 3 days old here

We are looking for some eggs one day soon

May be in early Spring when it warms

You can see some of the father's coloring in the chick in front on the neck

The chick to the right has a more golden tone to its feather pattern

The one in the back is almost totally blue-black in color

Midnight/Nightmare a rare breed Silver Campine

 The father of this bunch the mother is a Black Minorca hen

The two Buff Minorcas sat on the eggs and hatched them

One or both could be the true mother of these young chick/pullets below

This is certainly a skittish breed as all run for their lives constantly.

The young ones are skittish too but I'm trying to tame them somewhat

Their first taste of scratch feed with cracked corn

They like it on these cold days

The older Buff Orpington Ladies Midnight the rooster and one of the Black Minorcas behind him

Sunning on a cool day

They are having a grand old time

The older ladies each gave us one egg a piece this past laying season

They are what I call my assisted living crew

We keep them until they die of old age or some predator gets them sadly

Hard to get a picture of them because they are constantly running around 

'Like a chicken with its head cut off'

These two are born entertainers!

Oskar is my sidekick assistant who helps tend the hen house and is a pretty good guard dog

Little King is our resident tomcat who pretty much does as he pleases.

'CatDog' is what I call these two brothers!

Hoping for the first eggs from the new young hens

Enjoying all every day!

Remember this is the first week of Advent

Hope spread hope

I'll leave you today with a little video
Excuse the video  I'm not great at filming.

I have a new Rumble site I wanted to show you these quick young pullets!

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