Jun 13, 2020

We Have New Chicks 2020 Hatch!

How adorable is this?

Hey everybody look at this! I was so sad because my last blue egg layer is dying.  I went out this morning and found these little cuties, that cheered me up!  I can't believe they made it.  We have one egg left under her and there is still hope today is day 18.  I will give it a few more days and then remove the egg if it doesn't hatch.  This hen has already sadly removed the blue egg from her nest on her own. I was so hoping for another blue egg layer, but it's not meant to be.

I have to say we didn't know if we'd get a hatch out of these eggs. The hen seems to have so many issues and is stubborn as a mule!  

You may recall she is the one who took everyone's eggs and put them under her.  This is the second batch because after the first batch she abandoned I discarded them. Tried to move her to the little red hen house on the ground, but she would have none of that. She just abandoned them and went back to the two-story hen house and started setting on more. Had to mark them and daily remove all the extras she would hoard including the two fake ceramic eggs!  Even up until last night I removed two real and one fake.

We're excited to see our new chicken family additions!
Chick #1

Chick #2

Chick #3 on the run

Three new baby chicks

Mother hen isn't liking that I removed her babies for a photo shoot

Covering them for now

One egg left to hatch hopefully

Let's look under here again

Little one peeping out

Now two little ones peeping out

Little cutie
Looks like an arrow on its head

Midnight the daddy
Silver Campine
One of the rarest of chickens, in fact, he is #1 on the list of rarest
I have trouble finding the Silver in pictures they always show the golden
The Livestock Conservancy Campine

Black Minorca

We only have the 1 rooster and he is the rare Silver Campine. We have 4 hens 2 yellow Buff Minorca like the one on the nest and 2 Black Minorca.  There evidently is one of the yellow but not sure because the father's traits may be coming into play. I sure don't know.  The little yellow chick is more of a very pale yellowish tint. The other 2 have more black of course. Time will tell what these look like and with my track record how many of them will crow! 

I'll leave you today with a short video of the new baby chicks
I hope they put a smile on your face as they have mine today
We could all use that with the current happenings around us
May God bless and keep you all


  1. OMG they are darling! I want two chickens. Im not sure if I want a hen and a Roster or one rooster or two hens. I love to hear the rosters crow but I want eggs to eat not hatch.

    1. Hi Lisa
      I am so happy they survived their crazy mama lol!  Oh, I know you would love them. The eggs are so much tastier with less cholesterol more vitamins! It is a win win situation. 
      You'll have to show me your pics if you get some!