Jun 15, 2020

The Last Chick Has Hatched!

I'm so excited that all the eggs have now hatched. There is nothing better than the natural way of life. Eggs hatched under a hen fare better by far in my experience than incubating them. Plus, how convenient it is for you to have the mother hen taking care of them!

This year as you all know has presented some unusual problems in all areas. It is time for us to buy new chicks so our family egg production will continue on. Thankfully this surprise broody hen made this possible.

I know eggs don't cost much and growing your own chickens for eggs can be expensive but, the eggs are worth it. You most always have them on hand and sometimes enough to share.  Fresh eggs are more nutritious and sure do taste and bake things better there is no comparison.  Fresher than store-bought which can be as old as 45 days when you purchase. I love fresh and it is always better.

This hatch is near perfect!  One blue egg the hen culled from the bunch and maybe just maybe she had a reason behind it.  The hen that laid the egg I buried yesterday, she was sick. I loved her but she wasn't doing well.

The Lord gave me four more to help ease the loss!  Today sharing pictures inside the henhouse.

Excuse my appearance, tending the hen house can be dirty work

The smallest chick of all, the cute little runt

Look at those tiny wings

I've got my eye on you!

Mother hen is giving little yellow 'The Look'
Newest baby is so precious and looking at mother
Auntie has come for a visit

Chicks at play

Both of you behave your Auntie is here

Giving advice to the new hatchlings

The visit

Day old chick looking out

We are meeting our aunt

There are four chicks total
The others are under mama's wings

I think we are in for a busy time with the hen hatching in the two-story coop
But it will be a fun job with lots of benefits!
I'll update hopefully when the chicks grow some

Have a great week!


  1. I think they are just the cutest little things!
    I love seeing them peeping from under the mothers wing.
    So sweet.

    1. I do too, wish I had a hidden camera to place in pen.  I need to move my predator camera in there.