Jul 22, 2020

The Chicks Are Growing

This cute little gangly bunch 
The picture was taken at 3 weeks on July 14th

It's amazing how quickly chicks grow at this stage.I don't know what is happening with the black chick middle's neck. They are putting on feathers at this point to replace the baby fuzz 

I'm still crossing my fingers that none of them will crow. Oh alright, let's just say with our track record hoping we'll at least get 1 layer out of the bunch!

4 weeks old now!

Quick moving 4 week old chicks minus one who is hiding in pen
Check out the coloring on the white one that one is easy to see the changes in
It is feathering up like the rooster

Rooster and some of his hens
Check out the father's feathers

Chicks 3 weeks old in this video

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