Larry's Tomato Pie Recipe

Today sharing a school friend's tomato pie recipe. Those beautiful tomatoes are still coming off and homegrown are the very best. With a great supply and you want something different this is the way to go. We've been canning them, making tomato sauce, and eating tomato sandwiches around here. I think it's time for a pie!
The Recipe

The best recipes are handwritten
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Pretty tomatoes, basil and green onions in beautiful baked pie crust

The tomatoes onion layer and cheese layer going on 

The Cheese Mayonnaise Layer is on

Baked and ready to eat
Aren't they pretty?
Larry makes many when he bakes because they are eaten up quickly
I do believe he bakes for others as well.

Larry's nephew Paul on the left and Larry on the right

Thank you Larry for sharing the recipe!


Lisa said...

I made a tomato pie one time and it was delicious. Didn’t seem to have all the good stuff in it as Larry’s recipe though. I must try this one. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Lisa,
I've only made them a few times myself. I'm beginning to have a new love of them. This one is pretty good. 

TinaV said...

That looks so tasty!!! Way to go Larry! Thanks for sharing!


Hey Tina,
I'm glad he shared it too. It does taste pretty good.