May 9, 2016

You Don't Scare Me Lizard!

I love to walk around the flower gardens to see what is blooming this time of year.  The front porch is usually full of activity as well.  Birds building nests, wasps trying to build theirs, lizards scurrying around quickly.
This little lizard was threatening me I think because I was invading his territory.  I didn't see another lizard so guess it was directed at me and that black thing (camera) pointing at him.

It was early morning and I absolutely love going out first thing.  The weather is beautiful and the birds are chirping. Such a joy comes over me when I open the door to look outside.  'Mama' must have given me that love.

I have Chimney Sweeps greeting me and flying through to say 'Good Morning' .  Really they greet you.  They love to eat mosquitoes and that is enough reason for us to let them build here every year.

This morning the lizard put on a show for me puffing up his dewlap over and over and over.  Hey, I never knew what a dewlap was until today.  Lizards have been a part of my life, well forever.  We had lots of them and I grew up watching the brothers play with them and throw them on us!  Until today I had  never seen one do that puff up thing.

Carolina Anole, I didn't know that name either  Did you?  It appears the the male green anole lizard will arch his back like doing push ups and puff out a colorful reddish bubble called a dewlap in his throat. This is how he attracts a female mate.  It is similar to the ritual by male peacocks in spreading their tail feathers to show their colorful display in an effort to impress a female.  The male lizard will perform this ritual often times for hours in an effort to 'catch the ladies eye'. (more info here)

I've also read that they do this to assert territory.  I think that must have been what he was doing with me.

This picture was taken quickly because he was constantly puffing up the dewlap that looked to be the color of Hubba Bubba.

Well pretty boy you don't scare me I'm going to be on the porch so we'll just have to get along.

Since today's topic is lizards not long ago the little grands were out playing around the swing set. This is a big lizard area.  They were back there quite a while so I decided I had better check on them.  This is what I saw.

They had a funeral for a little dead dried up lizard.  I saw the garden cart and then the little wooden board down there.  I reached down to pick it up and saw this:

Isn't this adorable?  I think so.  It says R.I.P. Fred The Lizerd.  They are such sweet children. I'm smiling to think they gave the lizard a funeral.

What a show off!


  1. Ok, I have to confess that we have purchased these little wonderful guys and they have lived in our home. We also had one that was caught in Fairhope Al and drove all the way to West Virginia! I will never forget bringing "Greenie" into IHOP while we ate breakfast. What a great post! Brought back many fond memories. Hmmm. You might have a new business. Dolly's Lizard Farm.

    1. I'll bet that was a sweet pet and you took "Greenie" into IHOP that is too cool! Dolly's Lizard Farm..hmmm never thought about that one. You are so cute!