May 8, 2016

To Mothers & My Mother's Day Poem to My Mama

My wish for every mother today is that you know you are loved and enjoy every minute.  To those of us who have lost ours I wish you peace and love.  May we mothers show our children the love we feel for them and shower them with tenderness.  I'm missing my mother today.  I wrote a poem last night and will share with you now.

God has given me such wonderful children and I thank Him. What blessings they are!  I'm so proud!

Look at these lilies.  Aren't they beautiful?  They really are I love them such a beautiful color of pink.

Happy Mother's Day Mama
by dolly
You picked me up when I fell down
Only you could make me better
I cried when leaving you always
You tried to make me strong
I knew the hard line you took, never even knowing
I could see your loving heart, you didn't know was showing
I remember how you smiled at me your eyes so filled with love
Now I feel your presence coming from above
I miss you everyday you know
I hear you say these things

"You silly girl I love you as I know that you love me".
"Go on, get up, get out, enjoy the day", that's what I hear you saying
"I gave you all you need to know"
"Now carry on and let it show"
"Be good, be strong, be happy"
"Now I have to go".

until next time,


  1. Wonderful post! I love your blog! Your words were very heartfelt!

    1. Sweet Ginger they were and it is nice to know someone who sees and knows me. I love your blog too!