Nov 18, 2013

Louise has Joined Thelma in the Big Hen House in the Sky!

Yes I buried Louise today November, 14.  Today I'm paying respects to such a sweet hen.  Join me won't you.

I got her quite a few years ago, she along with Red and Motley Crow the oldest Rooster.  I put them out last year into the chicken retirement home. That is what I like to call it, to graze and eat like pigs.  They also get special treats.  They are lucky chickens to receive this great treatment even though the hens no longer lay many eggs and the roosters run from their own shadow now.

The retirement crew is always getting into mischief.  You may remember when Casper dug holes and they escaped! Read more about their escape Here

Motley (left) Red (middle) and Louise the barred rock (right)

I got Louise and her sister Thelma together.  They were a beautiful pair. Sadly Thelma met an untimely death early on but Louise was with us for a lot longer.

The only chickens left in the retirement village are Red a Rhode Island Red, Motley an Americauna Rooster and Spot a Barred Rock Rooster.

You remember Spot don't you?  He is Casper the dog's best friend.

Read more about Spot click Here

I guess these three will have to continue in the old poultry's home for a while longer until a few of the others are ready to be let out to pasture.  That probably won't be too long, because I have a few that will join them soon.

This just in Marty our Betta Fish has gone to the big swimming hole in the sky.

My crazy comedian daughter Catie made a cross and some things and framed a picture of Marty. She said this was his wake! She also made me laugh  when she made up funeral arrangements. I thought I would share this with you. She wrote his obit below:

"Marty "Beta Fish" died today in his home after a long illness. He is survived by his parents Charles and Dolly  , sisters Carly and Catie, and his nephews. A full military service will be held at the family home. He was a highly decorated army veteran and also Gold medalist Olympic swimmer. His hobbies included horseback riding, motorcycle racing, and mountain climbing. Marty lived well beyond his life expectancy and will be missed."

It is sad at times when you lose some of the animals you enjoy and see everyday, but that is just a part of life.

until next time,


  1. I am sorry to hear about Louise and Thelma too. Your Spot is so handsome, Crue is too. I've got hens that are close to 2 years old now and my birds will live a life of leisure like your birds when they retire. I love the funeral arrangements for your beta. Made me smile.

    1. Hey Heidi!
      It is good to hear from you sweet sister! Thank you! The hen house is getting smaller well with the exception of the Silkie pen some of the hens stay broody....Love you!

  2. Your daughter Catie has a loving heart.

    1. Hi Dear Marissa! You are such a joy to hear from! Catie is a sweetheart. She is a comedian with a heart of gold. xoxo

  3. Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about Louise and Marty. The funeral arrangements for Marty did make me chuckle a bit ;) But it's so hard to part with animals! I just had to get one of our outdoor cats put down and it was so hard.

    1. So good to hear from you sweet Tammy. I am sorry about your cat too. I know that Catie is so crazy funny. She can make anything funny. You take care!