Jul 27, 2014

What Is She Protecting?

I love taking walks in the morning when everything is fresh and new.  The dew covers everything and makes the flowers sparkle.  The roosters are crowing, the birds are singing, with one exception this Mockingbird.  She is angry at me.  I went to take this shot and she pretended not to see me.  Funny because before this she was very angry at me.  Join me as I get a little closer.

She is now looking at me eye to eye.  I'd better stay away from that pear tree behind me.  Yes, I know what is in that pear tree.  I had been watching it for a short while.

You can probably see the little nest between the branches in this tree.  That is what she is protecting .
She is one of the few Mockingbirds around Hibiscus House that has actually stayed with her nest.  We've had lots but they have abandoned their nests.  I'm glad she stayed around.

I see a little something here.  A pretty little nest.  I love bird nests.  Do you?  Mama bird is getting nervous.

Look at the detail of the nest.  Oh, I see something with a little fuzzy look.   Can they have hatched?

Fuzzy, but I have a mama bird flying at me.  I need to move away for a bit.  I'll be back.

I'm back and look at these little cuties.  I wonder what the blue fuzzy thing is?

Another shot I know it is hard to tell much about them but mama is getting angry.  I guess I'll go and leave her in peace.  She has a cute little family in our little fruit orchard.

I thought I'd leave you today with blueberries on my mind. These are pretty and Chuck really likes them.  I like them best just standing there eating them right off the bush.  How do you like them?
Have a great week and I'll be back soon with some great pictures of the flowers that I have in files.  This is such a busy time of year and I'm really behind with those posts.


  1. Nice pictures. I am surprised she let you get that close with out dive bombing you. LOL

    1. I am too Michelle! They are notorious for dive bombing to protect their young. She just sat there squawking and giving me the evil eye...

  2. I love the nest!!! And blueberries, they are the best in pie. I am the only one that likes it so if I see it in a restaurant, I will get a piece, yummmmm!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks! Blueberry Pie is pretty good!