Sep 13, 2018

Are You Ready?


Hurricane Florence is taking it's sweet time making landfall.  First of all it can't make up it's mind where it wants to go and then changes it several times.  Seriously they've narrowed the path down pretty much.  

It has been a busy week preparing for this storm and we are worn out! Every tub in the house is full of water as well as many more containers.  I guess, we are close to being ready for the blame thing.  We might as well be, it's finally coming.

Chuck and I did a major put away of things yesterday.  Today I took a walk to check on the backyard animals. They are a funny bunch that's for sure.

Chuck clearing the porch of curtains and furniture 
Putting them away for safe keeping

The pantry is full of more processed food than I like, but in times like these they are needed. The oven is baking, or it was until an error code popped up! Repairmen to be called after the hurricane! Tip:  Never buy Electrolux Appliances!

So change of plans:  Every slow cooker in the house is full! If you look closely, you can see a small portion of the bread on the right counter top.

Look at this huge Grape Tomato Bush It volunteered here in the chicken pen. The door is a perfect place for it to climb on. These chickens are so lucky!

It is full of beautiful fruit! Of course it should be, it is in the middle of lots of fertilizer! We don't eat them, so I feed the hens! A tomato soaks up harmful particles from the chickens.  I do believe I'd rather grow mine a little farther away!

Gaston on the left and Dot on the right!
I named her after mama, because that breed of hen was her favorite!

A gathering enjoying the treat

There was a time when Gaston decided to Leave the Coop! He finally has his feet feathers back. One Spring He had quite a time keeping them!

Dot is acting like she doesn't see those tomatoes!

These beauties are our newest chickens. I'll post more about the young ones soon. My track record is still about the same. If you look at the large one on the right, yes she is a he! My hens usually have one or more roosters among them, no matter what the feed & seeds say.  I think he'll be a good match for the new chicks.

Casper is so busy digging ponds all over the pen. Dot is here now acting as if she doesn't see his dog food. Yeah right, she will eat it all if he lets her!

He now is letting "Pat the Hammer" cozy up to his food!

Look at this spoiled boy!

He isn't eating his food and thinks I will give him his very favorite treat! Not today boy, go eat your own food! He is such a good dog.

The animals have extra food and water. I hope they fare well in the hurricane.They are extra busy today and a little confused. One laid an egg in a hole on the ground. Maybe they can tell the weather is strange?

I'll leave you today with these Bible verses
 may comfort during this time:

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills— 
From whence comes my help? 
My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.”
 -Psalm 121:1-2

I will pray for all in the path of Hurricane Florence as we weather this storm together.


  1. Good morning, praying for you all as well. We were evacuated Tuesday from Myrtle Beach. Getting to stay one day out of five planned. But that was a beautiful day. Maybe next year. Hmmmf!

    1. I'm so sorry you had to leave Myrtle Beach. We have a few family members that we tried to get away from there but they are not leaving. I'm glad you had one good day. I hope for a great next year for you.


  2. Forgot to tell you your new girls are going to be beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I hope they are great layers! They seem peaceful and docile.
      We are now waiting for the hurricane to hit us and surrounding area. You take care sweet friend.

    2. Oh Dolly I am praying for you for sure. Stay safe my dear friend. How far inland are you?

    3. Hi Kim,
      Thank you so much for the prayers. I am amazed at how well we are doing. The eye is coming through and nothing much at all but steady rain. We've had a few wind gusts and some power outages with trees down but nothing major. I feel so sorry for the people in North Carolina because they've had it so much worse. Praying for them.