Apr 30, 2012

We Had To Move The Lettuce To Higher Ground

We had to move our lettuce to higher ground, you know it just might be a great blessing in disguise.
This location will be an easy access to the kitchen. I just walk out the door to pick fresh lettuce leaves.  A salad in the making. I hope it gets large enough before the heat sets in here.
In this tray Romaine "Paris Island"  and celery

 We had two flats earlier in the Spring to plant but something happened to them.
Something ate all of the lettuce.
Luckily we have some of it that came back, isn't that wonderful?
 In this tray we have Butterhead and Red Leaf Fire

Look at my celery, I am excited. It has been all over the internet how easy it is to grow.
Take the base of the stalk of celery and put it into soil, water and there you have it!
I can't wait to see how it tastes...These were two of the organic celery I purchased recently.

This is the reason for the lettuce disappearing and our move to higher ground.
 One of our precious new wild bunnies born on Easter
The reason our lettuce had to be put on higher ground.
Isn't he pretty? There were at least two babies.

We had wild baby bunnies born on Easter and Chuck accidentally ran over one. Chewy our Great Pyrenees brought the bunny to the back door step and laid it there for us to see. We buried it and let him see where. Well the day before yesterday he pulled up a large rabbit that had died dug a hole beside the other buried bunny and proceeded to let me know that I should just go ahead and bury that one too....They are such smart animals...

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Happy Gardening, Cooking, Creating.

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  1. Great idea for your lettuce though being nice and close to the kitchen ! Yes we have tons of wild Rabbits here and we have to put chicken wire around most of my flower gardens cause they will munch just about anything but I have found that planting the original Marygolds beside things keeps them away cause they dont like the smell . Then I read that thats what some veggie farmers do here to keep them away and it works ! Hope you get lots of lovely lettuce . Have a good day !

  2. I'm sorry about your bunnies eating your lettuce, but if it's any consolation, at least they know good food when they see it :) :) Hopefully your lettuce will fare better this time. How much lettuce do you get out of that tray? I think that's cool that you're growing it in a tray. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Oh my gosh Dolly, I had the same problem. Sweet little bunnies who also love my lettuce live in my backyard. I finally grew my lettuce in pots on the back porch last summer and it worked fine. I was also able to keep out of the hot direct sunlight so that was even better. I am going to try the celery thing too, I never saw that before. I'm kind of excited about it. Keep putting up pictures, I want to see what I can expect if all goes well with the planting. Thanks so much for the very sweet comment you left me on my blog. I really get excited on such positive feedback, it makes me so happy!