May 4, 2012

Spotlight Jesse Miller

Who wants to go on vacation?  With the help of Jesse Miller we can, so fix a cool drink sit back, relax and read his story.

His paintings are so realistic that you get lost in them and for a moment think they are real.
Enjoy his work.

He also has a cool page be sure to check this out too for many more paintings and prints.

The Shack

Join me for some fun in the sun and surf.  Can you hear the waves?  I actually think I can feel as well as hear them.  This talented artists paintings come alive.  You can almost feel the sand, smell the salt air and see what people are thinking.
Read Jesse's Story below.


I grew up surfing in San Diego.  

I didn't start painting until college, when I decided to become an art major.  I didn't have any experience with the arts before that, but knew what I wanted to do. Brigham Young University has a small campus in Hawaii, on the North Shore of Oahu, and that seemed like the perfect place to begin. I soon learned how difficult art would be, but persisted, and managed to win some awards in college art shows by the time I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 1996.



Throughout my time in Hawaii, I continued to surf, dive and stay in the water as much as I could.  Then I took everything I saw back to my studio to paint.   Anything that caught my eye became subject matter.  Landscapes, seascapes, figurative work and wildlife, all were good subjects.  I like to show others what I see.  My artwork shows what I look at in life, what I am about, and what I think is cool.

Morning Lip

I moved back to San Diego in 97, and continued to paint, specializing in watercolor.  During the summer, I work as a lifeguard for the City of San Diego, and enjoy spending the days at the beach, keeping people safe.  I have worked at beaches with some of the best surfing waves in San Diego, including Blacks Beach and Windansea.  Then, all winter, I paint.


My style is hopefully more than just pretty pictures of the ocean.   My work has been compared to both Andrew Wyeth and Norman Rockwell.  Not because of technique, or color scheme, but because like those artists, I try to evoke a same sense of time, place and emotion. 


I really love when people get excited about my work.  Not because they think what I do is great, but because I know they like the same things I do, and can appreciate what I like.  My main goal is to sharing with a viewer the allure and beauty of the ocean and all that happens around it.  I want to show that surfing is not just the act of riding waves, but a whole lifestyle dedicated to the ocean. 

18 x 12 Swamis

Thanks Jesse!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have. Please stop by Jesse's Website and his Facebook Page...Let him know that you enjoyed his work..tell him I sent you.

Jesse Miller
Check out his excellent website for more.
Now Jesse has a blog:  Jesse Miller's Ocean Art


  1. Hi Dolly, thanks for introducing me to Jesse's art. Two of our granddaughters surf and are really good at it. Leo's son lived in Hawaii for about a year and spent a lot of time surfing. I'll have to check out Jesse's site.

  2. Really neat Dolly! I'll have to tell my beach bum about Jesss's work too... They share a mutual love of the ocean... I love your spotlight stories!

  3. Wow, these are all great, I especially love "Underblacks", so nice!